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Support & Development

This is a central place and resource for the Colloquy community. It is an area to discover new information, discuss, collaborate, exchange source code and ideas, and advance Colloquy.

The Colloquy community is an active and diverse group of Colloquy users. By perusing this site, as well as ones it links to, you will find many community projects, discussions and debates. This community is a cornerstone to the adoption, growth, and advancement of Colloquy.

Starting Points

Using Trac

For the Mac Colloquy User

For the Mobile Colloquy User

  • FAQs — Frequently Asked Questions
  • Push Notifications — Quick overview on how to set up Push Notifications
  • Tips and Tricks — List of tips and tricks for Desktop and Mobile Colloquy.

For the Colloquy Developer

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.