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     1Can I continue to recieve messages or otherwise run Colloquy in the background? 
     2- No. 
     4Apple has not provided support for running any third party application in the background. Push notification (like Mail) has been announced but is also not yet available to third party applications. 
     6Keep in mind that even with push notification available in future versions of the iPhone OS, this may not be a possibility in Colloquy due to major changes required in software that is out of our control, i.e. on IRC servers. 
     8That sucks! Is there any way to stay connected to IRC still? 
     9The main way you can get past this limitation is to use something called a bouncer (bnc, proxy, et cetera), which will stay online for you on a different computer or server which you then connect to from Colloquy. This is a service that Colloquy does not provide, it is something that you will either have to set up yourself or purchase from a third party. 
     11If you are looking for recommendations for bouncers, some people on the Colloquy team have successfully used znc and miau running on their personal servers. If you are looking for a bouncer hosted for you instead of having to run it on your own, you may want to check out ispeed telicom, xzibiton shells or (one other one). LINK PLS<<<--will be in the html version. 
     12Please note that Colloquy is not related to these providers and cannot guarantee that they will work or continue to work in the future.  We also cannot provide any support for their services. 
     14What's Keyboard Selection, and how does it work? 
     16While we figure most people will prefer to tap autocompletion suggestions to insert them, Colloquy also ofers the option of inserting them using the keyboard. You can switch to Keyboard Selection in Colloquy's settings (Advanced Behaviour, Chat Completions). 
     18With keyboard selection, instead only being able to tap suggestions to insert them, you can also wait a second or so after a suggestion pops up (the send key will then read enter), tap space until the suggestion you want is highlighted, and finaly tap enter on the keyboard to insert it. Space will only select suggestions if you pause typing, otherwise just as with Tap Selection, continuing to type will be ignore suggestions. 
     20If you accidentaly invoke suggestions with the space bar but don't want them, either tap the X button, or tap space until the X is highlighted and then enter to dismiss them. 
     23How do I... 
     24...change the quit message to something that's not the default? 
     25...change the default nickname or real name? 
     26...change the default encodings? or hide join and leave events? notices? 
     28...use different styles? 
     29...add highlight words? 
     30...change invite behavior? links in Safari instead of the built-in browser? 
     32...turn off the ducking autocorrection or autocompletion? 
     33...switch to Keyboard Selection for autocompletion? 
     34...and more... 
     36All of these settings can be changed by selecting Colloquy in the Settings application. If there's a setting you want, it's probably in there somewhere. 
     38Sidenote: Why do I have to quit Colloquy to change these settings? 
     39We're just following the Apple guidelines for handling infrequently-changed settings for iPhone applications. 
     41...create a new style? 
     42While styles for Colloquy are nothing more then CSS and Javascript, Colloquy currently has no way for a user to modify, create and add new styles, although there is a discussion as to how we might be able to do this in future releases on ticket #1375. 
     44...join a new chat room/message a user 
     45Tap the + button in the Colloquies tab. 
     47...change the topic? 
     48Type "/topic The New Topic You Want To Set" and tap enter 
     50...get help for something that isn't listed here? 
     52The easiest way is probably to join #colloquy-mobile on, which you can get to from within Colloquy by tapping + on the Colloquies screen, then Join a Chat Room, and finally, Join Colloquy Support Room.  
     54What else can I do? 
     56Alongside common IRC commands like /msg and /clear, we also support a few others to perform searches and browse websites. 
     58/google query - searches Google 
     59/wikipedia query - searches Wikipedia 
     60/amazon query - searches Amazon 
     61/browser URL - Opens the URL entered in the browser (regardless of your Open Links In setting) 
     62/browser - Opens the browser 
     63/url URL - Opens the URL entered based on your Open Links In setting. 
     65For Google, Wikipedia, and Amazon, you can also specifiy a different locale than your local one by typing a country code like "jp" before the search term. So to search the German version of Google for "kuchen", you'd enter "/google de kuchen".