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    3535Type "/topic " followed by the new topic and tap Send. 
     37=== How do I report a bug? === 
     38If you think you've found a Colloquy bug, check to see if you are running an earlier Colloquy version. Please update through the App Store if possible before filing bugs that may have already been fixed. Next you should [/project/search search] through the tickets to see if anyone else has already reported it. 
     40If you can't find a a previously reported bug, you are ready to file a ticket. But you first need to [/project/register register] before you can create a new ticket. Once you have registered, you will be able to [/project/login login] and [/project/newticket file a ticket]. Also, since we share the ticket system with Colloquy for Mac, you need to specify "Colloquy (Mobile)" from the component menu, and a mobile version from the version menu. Keep in mind, the better your bug report, the higher the chance that your bug will be addressed quickly. 
     42Once your ticket is filed, and you gave us an email address, you will receive email when it is updated or the status changes. After the bug is considered fixed, you will usually be asked to update to the most recent release of Colloquy and try it, to make sure that the fix works for you. 
    3744=== How do I get help for something that isn't listed here? === 
    3845The easiest way is probably to join #colloquy-mobile on, which you can get to from within Colloquy by tapping the "+" button in the Colloquies tab, then "Join a Chat Room", and finally, tap "Join Colloquy Support Room".