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An attempt to reduce duplicate tickets for common bugs

Known Issues

There are a few annoying bugs that appear randomly and despite active development of Colloquy could not be tracked down nor fixed yet. You will find the most common of these bug here, although that doesn't mean bugs not listed here are not in our bug tracking system. Please check the complete list and use the search before committing a new ticket!

"Blank Chat Room Bug"

Blank chat room bug with /reload style workaround

Sometimes, in random intervals, some auto-joined chat rooms appear as blank / empty / not active / plain white (or whatever background color your style uses), although activity can be observed through the unread messages counter or Growl notifications.

Workaround As a workaround you can type /reload style in the affected chat rooms.

"Forgetting Auto-Commands"

auto-join and auto-perform lists cleared at random intervals

Sometimes Colloquy seems to "forget" your auto-join chat rooms or auto-commands for some connections.