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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Colloquy?
A: Colloquy is an open-source, free, IRC and SILC client for the Macintosh, specifically Mac OS X.

Q: What is IRC?
A: IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, is a network of servers that make up a service allowing for text-based conversations between users over the Internet.

Q: What is an IRC Server?
A: An IRC server is a commercial computer that your IRC client connects to in order to connect to an IRC Network. (e.g.

Q: What is an IRC Network?
A: An IRC Network is a one or more server that operates together, serving local channels.

Q: What is SILC?
A: SILC stands for Secure Internet Live Conferencing. SILC is very much the same as IRC with the major difference being that all conversations are encrypted and much more secure then IRC.

Q: What is DCC?
A: DCC stands for Direct Client to client Connection, and is the method for sending files to other users on IRC. (See "File Transfers" in Colloquy)

Q: What is a Channel?
A: A channel, or chat room, is a particular subsection of an IRC Server in which users communicate to each other via text-based messages.

Q: What is a Chat Room?
A: A Chat Room is another name for a Channel. This is the term Colloquy uses over Channel. (See below.)

Q: Why do you deviate from the standard IRC nomenclature? It's a channel, not a chat room. I suppose the idea is to make IRC easier to use, but on the other hand, a new set of names may confuse things more than it helps to clear them up: if a newbie googles for IRC help or asks for it on a channel, the answer is probably given using the standard IRC terminology.
A: This question keeps coming up in the Colloquy room/channel. The chat room term I use is protocol generic, leaving Colloquy untethered to a specific protocol if the day comes to add new chat technology that might use different terms. This is the reasoning behind using the term "Chat Room", and not using "IRC" in the interface either, along with the easy to understand nature for new, and casual users.

Q: Why don't "commands" such as "!list" work in Colloquy? Why don't fserves work?
A: Colloquy currently doesn't support DCC chat which is used by fserves as replies to "triggers" like !list. This is a planned feature to be implement in a future release of Colloquy.

Q: Is there a way to add chat rooms to the favorite menu for easy access?
A: Colloquy has many control-click (right-click) context menus. Adding a room to the favorites list is in the room/tab context menu. The favorites list is available from the File menu or the heart menu-button in the drawer.

Q: What is an ident server and what should I do to get servers like to work?
A: The answer is available here.?

Q: How is Colloquy like Irssi?
A: Colloquy is very much like Irssi in the core (since we share Irssi's core code). But we are very different on the surface. Colloquy does not support any of the Irssi specific /commands, and we don't use the Irssi config file or support Irssi scripts.

Q: Where is the Colloquy irc "Chat Room"?
A: Join us to chat at irc://

Q: Is there a way to see my sent history as well as to navigate around in the existing text with the arrow keys?
A: Sent history is controlled by the up/down arrow keys while holding option, switching between panes in a window with command-up/down, and scrolling with home/end/page up/page down; you can use any other key combination to navigate or select text. Change this within the HiddenPreferences.

Q: Does colloquy have a way to ignore/hide parts, nicks, etc in a busy room?
A: Colloquy does behave much better with no join/part event messages. There is no preference for this yet, but you can do a CSS trick to disable all event messages. This requires the nightly build.

When using a custom style Variant, Option-Click the Customize button in Appearance Preferences. The CSS file should open, then add:

.event {
    display: none;

Now type "/reload style" in the busy room. All the event messages will disappear and no new ones will show up.

Q: How can I get servers to connect on launch?
A: There are two ways to do this. The best way is to choose Window -> Connections, and check the checkbox next to the server name under the star column. Or you could select the server of your choice in the Connections window and click the "Info" button on the toolbar, select the "Automatic" tab and then check "Connect on launch." Either one will have your server automatically connected when you open Colloquy.

Q: How can I set chat rooms to be joined automatically when I join a server?
A: Choose Window -> Connections, then click the server of your choice and click the "Info" button on the toolbar. Select the "Automatic" tab, and then add the chat rooms you want to automatically join that server by clicking the appropriate "+" button.