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Interface Preferences

Figure 0.1

1. Drawer Side

Figure 1.1

This feature is currently only useful if you use the Tabbed Window interface. Here you can decide exactly where you want the userlist drawer displayed. In Figure 1.1, we have "Left" selected.

Figure 1.2

By selecting "Left", our tabbed view will always open the drawer to the left of the window, as seen in <em>Figure 1.2</em>. Selecting "Right" will have the drawer open on the opposite side. Selecting "Automatic" will open the drawer in your most used side, or on the opposite side if there isn't enough space on your normal side.

2. Window Interface

Figure 2.1

Between these two options, you can decide what view you would like to use colloquy in. There is the Tabbed Window view, as seen in Figure 1.2.

}}}''Figure 2.2'' Then there is the Sidebar view, as seen in ''Figure 2.2''. There is no right and wrong view. You will have to choose one that works best for you. === 3. Sort Chat Room members by status === We have this option checked by default, although you may turn it off at any time. This affects the userlist. By keeping it checked, you will have users sorted by their importance in the chatroom, with Server Ops coming on top, and Normal Users on the bottom, alphabetically. Turning this feature off sorts the user list alphabetically only. === 4. Show full Chat Room names === For appearance purposes only, when this option is checked, you will see the # sign in front of your chat room names in the tabs or sidebar. You will then see #colloquy as is. If you have this option unchecked, you will see colloquy instead of #colloquy. === 5. Show Notices as Private Chat === This used to be a hidden preference that we decided to make public. Sometimes you get a {{{/notice}}} from someone. We typically display the notice in a Bubble at the top-left of your screen. If you don't like that, you can check this and get all {{{/notice}}}'s in a private chat so you are guaranteed not to miss them.