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General Preferences

Figure 0.1

1. Default Encoding

This changes what encoding the messages you are sending and recieving is. UTF-8 is the default, but you may wish to change it if you go to chat rooms in different countries or languages, or as needed. This changes your dafault encoding throughout all of Colloquy. If you want to change it per channel, use the encoding drop-down in the Colloquy toolbar.

2. Quit Message

You can change this to a quit message that suits you. If you use the command <tt>/quit</tt> or ⌘Q, this message will be displayed to other users in the following format:
xenon left the chat room. ("Get Colloquy! []">")

3. Automatically check for new versions

Having this checked will have Colloquy automatically check the Web site for the latest release. This check will not tell you if there isn't an update available, but will prompt you to download the latest release if there is one.