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Chat Rooms

TODO: General Panel description + screenshot...

Room Modes

TODO: moderated, invite only, private, etc

User Modes

Within a chat room members can have different user modes which grant them different priviledges.

Icon  Title Description IRC code
 source:/trunk/Resources/admin.png IRC Operator While not actually a chat room user mode but a network wide mode, this is the most power a person can have on IRC, beware ;-) o (*)
source:/trunk/Resources/founder.png Channel Founder / Owner ... q (.~)
 source:/trunk/Resources/super-op.png  Super Op / Administrator / Protected Op ... a (&!*)
 source:/trunk/Resources/op.png Channel Op(erator) Can (de-)op, (de-)voice, kick, (un-)ban, set the topic, invite new members, set room modes o (@)
source:/trunk/Resources/half-op.png Half Op(erator) ... h (%)
 source:/trunk/Resources/voice.png Voiced Member Can talk in moderated rooms, also often used for accessing room specific bots v (+)
 source:/trunk/Resources/person.png Normal Member The default user mode for everyone none
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