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    44= The Menubar - Help Menu = 
    6 [[Image(menubar_help.png, nolink)]] 
     6[[Image(menubar_help.png, nolink)]][[BR]] 
     7''Figure 0.1'' 
    8 === Colloquy Help === 
    9 Colloquy has no help file available yet. This Wiki is the official location for Colloquy documentation 
     9=== 1. Colloquy Help === 
     10Clicking this will bring you to [ our wiki]. If you haven't noticed, this page is part of the wiki. We use our wiki as an online help source for Colloquy. 
    11 === Colloquy Chat Room === 
    12 This option will connect you to and will then join the channel #colloquy, where Colloquy's developers, and many knowledgable users reside. 
     12=== 2. Colloquy Chat Room === 
     13Clicking this will connect to the [irc://] server, and automatically join you into our tech support chat room, #colloquy. 
    14 === Colloquy Feedback === 
    15 This option will allow you to email the Colloquy development staff. 
     15=== 3. Colloquy Feedback === 
     16Using this will open up a new email message in to the Colloquy team. The subject will be "Colloquy (build number)" and we ask you to please not change it to help ensure we get it. Here you can talk to us about anything you can't find on our wiki, that the Colloquy chat room support team was unable to assist you with, or can't be reported in Trac. 
    17 === Colloquy Bug Report === 
    18 This option allows you to easily file a new bug using Colloquy's bug tracking software, Trac. While filing a new report is quite easy, please search the bugs database before filing a new bug report to make sure you are not reporting an already known bug. 
     18=== 4. Colloquy Bug Report === 
     19Find a bug in Colloquy? Are you sure? Before you use this option, we ask you to go to the Colloquy chat room to see if it's a known issue. If they are unsure about it, you need to go to our bug reporting system and browse the tickets to see if it has been reported yet. If it hasn't been reported yet, you need to [ register] with us. Then, once registered and logged in, this option should work. This will take you straight to a page that allows you to create a ticket in our bug reporter. We appreciate all bug reports and look into each of them. 
    20 === Colloquy Info === 
    21 This option will take you to the Colloquy home page. 
     21=== 5. Colloquy Info === 
     22Clicking this will you straight to our main Web site, [].