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Adds the Font menu to the project

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The Menubar - Window Menu

Figure 0.1

1. Bold

Bold is as it suggests. Let us say you are typing "I really hate going to the doctors." and you want to make sure they know how much you hate it. You can type, "I really ", then ⌘B to start using bold, "hate", then ⌘B again to stop using bold, " going to the doctors." Then you have the nice sentance, "I really hate going to the doctors."

2. Italic

Italic has the same affect on what you're typing as bold. Instead, you can use the command ⌘I. Your sentance would then look like, "I really hate going to the doctors."

3. Underline

Same as bold and italic, but using ⌘U. We will use this on the word "really" instead this time. "I really hate going to the doctors."

4. Show Colors

Using "Show Colors" or ⌘⇧C will open up the color palette. Here you can select what color you want your font to be. This only comes into affect when you choose a new color that isn't the dafault color. When you enter the colored text into the chat room, we fall back to the default color. If you change your mind about changing the color, hit the ESC button which also clears the text. Backspacing through the whole line also clears the color and falls back to the dafault color.

5. Copy Style & Paste Style

Let us say you have something written '''bolded in red''' and you want to use that style for other messages. Select over the styled font, and use the "Copy Style" option, or the command ⌘⌥C. Then when you type the line you wish the use the style on, use the "Paste Style" option, or ⌘⌥P.