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Table of Contents

  1. Desktop Colloquy
  2. Both Mobile Colloquy and Desktop Colloquy
  3. Mobile Colloquy

Tips and Tricks

Desktop Colloquy

  • If you're in a large amount of channels with Colloquy, consider trying out the option: View -> Use Small Drawer Icons!
  • If you have to leave your computer, try hitting ⌘⇧M or selecting View -> Mark Scrollback on the Menubar to create a mark on your screen to indicate where chat was when you left!
  • To get straight back to where the chat left off after making a mark, tap ⌘⇧J when you get back to jump straight back to the mark on the screen! Additionally, Colloquy inserts a red tick on the scrollbar when a mark is made to scroll back or option + click on to jump directly to.
  • You can change how you see smilies in Colloquy! Try adding a dash of color; hit Emoticons & selecting Colors under Preferences. You can download additional Emoticon packs from here.
  • Hit ⎇⌘N or select File -> Smart Transcript -> New Smart Transcript... to create a Smart Transcript! Smart Transcripts allows you use various rules to filter parts of chat into a new window!
  • Are the Growl bubbles that show notices disappearing before you can finish reading them? Check "Show Notices as Private Chat" in Preferences -> Interface!
  • Need to resend a message someone missed? Quickly get to a message you previously typed by hitting ⎇↑ or ⎇↓! You can change this to ↑ or ↓ directly by using a Hidden Preference listed on here.
  • Want to reorder your chat rooms? Click the chat bubble to the left of the room name and drag it up or down!
  • Need to emphasize something? Hit ⌘B, ⌘U or ⌘I to respectively make things bold, underlined, or italicized. Alternately, select Font in the Menubar and then select the style you wish to add.
  • Don't like seeing emphasis in your conversation? Strip it out by checking "Strip message text formatting" in Prefs ⟶ Appearance
  • Colloquy can tab-complete commands as well as nicknames! Additionally, from Mac OS X, hit F5 while typing and complete your word from the dropdown box!
  • Tap "Detect natural language actions" in Prefs ⟶ Behavior. Now Colloquy can find lines starting w/ common verbs & /me for you!
  • Create your own Colloquy style! Colloquy styles are easy to make with CSS and optionally Javascript and XSLT for shiny effects.
  • Have a channel you absolutely love being in? Click the heart in the bottom left and add it to your favorites list!
  • Add some more color to your chat! Select Font ⟶ Show Colors (or hit ⌘⇧C) and select a color for your next message to be in!
  • Don't like color? Strip it out of your chat by checking "Strip message colors" in Preferences ⟶ Appearance
  • Someone link to a file you want to download on IRC? Hit ⎇ and click on the link to download from Colloquy instead of opening Safari.
  • Don't like seeing people's /iTunes scripts? Type "/ignore -m "is listening" to automatically filter out now playing scripts!
  • Working on a Colloquy style? Type "defaults write info.colloquy WebKitDeveloperExtras? 1" In Terminal to enable the Web Inspector!
  • You can control iTunes directly from Colloquy with /itunes {open, quit, play, pause, stop, next, previous}!
  • Having a rapid-fire talk with someone? Hit tab without anything else on the line to automatically fill in your last tabbed nick!

Both Mobile Colloquy and Desktop Colloquy

  • Colloquy lets you make new highlights with PCRE-style regexps! /\bsam\w */ matches words starting w/ "sam"
  • Colloquy offers a variety of styles to use while chatting!
  • Want to say something that starts with '/'? Escape it by adding another / or using /say! ex: "bin/bash" sends "/bin/bash"
  • awesome, someone wrote a tutorial on installing znc so you can stay connected to irc! See it here thanks @henrik!
  • Need to run a command on yourself? Try using "/umode <command> or "/mode %@ <command>"
  • If you use a color, you can be sure people on mIRC will see it properly — Colloquy fully supports mIRC's color standard!
  • Do you frequent a channel wants a key to join? Add "#channel key" to the Join Rooms list to automatically join on connect!

Mobile Colloquy

  • As always Mobile Colloquy's Style settings are available in the Settings application (scroll down to Colloquy).
  • Mobile Colloquy provides quick access to searching with /google, /amazon and /wikipedia
  • Mobile Colloquy has commands to open a url! try /browser (url) to open in-app and /url (url) to open according to prefs
  • As of Colloquy's 1.0.1 update, there is a "/browser last" command to reopen the last page that was viewed in its browser!
  • Mobile Colloquy has keyboard selection for chat completions! Change "Chat Completions" under Advanced Behavior in
  • Mobile Colloquy fully supports running in landscape mode! That being said, if landscape isn't your thing, you can disable it
  • Connection issues w/ Mobile Colloquy? Try reinstall + rebooting, double check server info, and enable notices in