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Enabling Identd

Q: I tried connecting to and the console reads as follows:

NOTICE * Notice -- You need to install identd to use this server

Q: What is an ident server and what should I do?

A: The IRC server is trying to ask your Mac for identification information. Ident is a service that tells the remote host the user who owns a particular port and who you are. It's meant for security, but it's really easily spoofed. You need to install an ident server (or a spoofer) for it to work. Colloquy is just an IRC client and therefore knows nothing about ident serving. With the "limitations" of the UNIX architecture Mac OS X is based on Colloquy would need to run as a super-user to run a built-in ident server. We would like to never run as root, and feel in doing so ins't worth the risk just to add ident support.

Try this Mac OS X based solution.

The Mac OS X based solution is now updated. The IdentD server can now returns the username of your choice.