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Hidden Preferences

Colloquy has a few hidden preferences that enable or disable features that are still under development or not ready for widespread use. All of those features are toggled from the Terminal application using the defaults command. Remember to restart Colloquy after issuing these commands in the Terminal.

Attention: Colloquy's pref path has changed recently, so if you have an old version of Colloquy and the commands listed here don't work fo you, you should either update (recommended) or use cc.javelin.colloquy instead of info.colloquy in the terminal commands.

Strip Message Colors (This is a regular pref now. DELETE?)

To strip message colors from incoming messages do the following in the Terminal.

defaults write info.colloquy JVChatStripMessageColors -bool true

To turn it off later, and show color again do this:

defaults write info.colloquy JVChatStripMessageColors -bool false

Strip Message Formatting (This is a regular pref now. DELETE?)

You can also string message formatting (e.g. bold, italic, underline) with the following:

defaults write info.colloquy JVChatStripMessageFormatting -bool true

Show Notices as Direct Chat

Use the following to have notices (i.e. someone uses /notice <yourname> <noticemessage>) show in a new direct chat (query) panel:

defaults write info.colloquy JVChatAlwaysShowNotices -bool true

Input Box uses the current Style font (This is a regular pref now. DELETE?)

defaults write info.colloquy JVChatInputUsesStyleFont -bool true

Input Box manually resizes (The Input Box has changed, is this still valid?)

defaults write info.colloquy JVChatInputAutoResizes -bool false

Show Console on Connect

Use the following to show connection consoles when connecting to a server:

defaults write info.colloquy JVChatOpenConsoleOnConnect -bool true

Please note that keeping the console open slows Colloquy quite dramatically. If the console is open on connect, the connection goes much slower. For an even more dramatic example, try joining irc:// with and without the console open.

Show AppleScript Plugin debug error dialogs

defaults write info.colloquy JVEnableAppleScriptDebugging -bool true

Disable Growl in favor of internal notifications

Disable use of external Growl notifications and use the internal ones instead (useful since Growl lacks some of the features that Colloquy has, and also doesn't look as good ;)

defaults write info.colloquy !DisableGrowl -bool true

Input History uses arrow-keys (no option key)

Lets the input history behave like it was before (only the arrow keys, not option-arrow)

defaults write info.colloquy JVSendHistoryUsesOnlyArrows -bool true

Set Idle time

Colloquy considers you idle when you have not used your computer for JVIdleTime seconds, which defaults to 300 (5 minutes)

defaults write info.colloquy JVIdleTime 600

will set it to 10 minutes, for example.