Change History for Development/PlugIns/JavaScript

Version Date Author Comment
13 9 years zach Remove an incorrect warning.
12 9 years CuAnnan
11 9 years CuAnnan Notifying users of non-working code in example
10 12 years loudambiance there was an error in the bug url plugin example
9 13 years timothy Made the handleClickedToolbarItem check what the toolbar item's identifier …
8 13 years timothy New example script on how to add toolbar items.
7 13 years timothy New example script
6 13 years timothy Changed the variable name from final to finalHTML since final is a …
5 13 years timothy Turning on syntax highlighting.
4 13 years timothy Changing the minimum build needed.
3 13 years timothy Added an example plugin.
2 13 years timothy Added a link to the W3Schools' JavaScript Tutorial
1 13 years timothy Adding info about JavaScript plugins.