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    1010'''Attention:''' This page may contain old or outdated information and needs to be updated. If you have any question, feel free to visit us in the [irc:// Colloquy chat room]. 
     12== Getting Started == 
     14Download the [ latest version of Colloquy], so your plug-in won't be outdated as soon as you release it! 
     16First you will need the !AppleScript [ Script] (comes pre-installed with MacOS  X) located in the folder "`AppleScript`" in your "`Applications`" folder. If you're using Mac OS X version 10.3 or later, click here to [applescript:// automatically launch the Script Editor application]. 
     18Now you want to open the !AppleScript Dictionary for Colloquy by selecting "`Open Dictionary…`" from the Script Editor's File menu or by clicking the `Add Application` ("+") button in the [ Library Palette] and select your Colloquy application (most likely located in your "`Applications`" folder; you may need to browse your file system to get there). 
     20In the [ Dictionary Browser] you just opened, select the "`Chat Plug-In Suite`". This describes the functions, your Plug-In can implement; they will be called by Colloquy when the corresponding event occurs. The other suites ("Standard", "Colloquy", "Chat Core" and "Text Suite") contain functions your Plug-In can call to perform actions in response to the events described before. 
     22To understand how to use these commands it's probably a good idea to look at the examples below, or download existing !AppleScript Plug-Ins from the [ Extras page]. 
     24To test your new Plug-In you need to [wiki:FAQs#WheredoIinstallnewStylesEmoticonsorPlugins install it] like you would do with one you've downloaded. 
     26Congratulations, you just wrote your first Colloquy Plug-In! 
    1228== Compatibility with scripts written for Colloquy 2C11 and before ==