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Creating new Emoticon Sets

Colloquy 2 also introduced add-in emoticon bundles to complement Styles for a complete visual experience. Like styles, emotions get parsed so they can be formated with a simple CSS file. Emoticons don't have to be processed into an image rendering, they can simply be colored or prettified with any method CSS can thow at them.

The anatomy of a complex emoticon bundle is as follows, with optional elements italicized:

For examples of various emoticon bundles, look inside Colloquy's application bundle in the "Contents/Resources/Emoticons?" folder. If you find the built-in list of known emoticon text representations is too limited, you can override this list by including an "emoticons.plist" file. For the format of this file look inside Colloquy's application bundle at the "Contents/Resources?/emoticons.plist" file. Emoticon bundles also have control of what emoticons show up in the emoticon toolbar menu. This information is read from the "menu.plist" file.

Install Emoticon Bundles in the following location: ~/Library/Application Support/Colloquy/Emoticons/

If you created a new set that you want to make public, please mail it to us so we can add it to the Official Emoticon repository.