Automatically Logging into Servers

Colloquy provides the ability to automatically log into a server and join rooms on startup.

To do this, bring up the "Connections" window (by choosing "Connections" from the Window menu or pressing Command-1) and select the server to which you'd like to auto-connect. Once you have the server selected, press Command-Shift-I or choose "Get Info" from the View menu and verify that the connection information (including server, port, nickname, etc) is correct.

Choose the "Automatic" pane. Check the "Connect on launch" box and either continue to choose rooms or close the Get Info window.

Automatically Joining Rooms

Follow the instructions for automatically connection to get to the "Automatic" pane of the Connection - Get Info window. Click the plus sign below the text "Join rooms", which will add a line to the list of automatically-joined rooms. Type in the name of the room (including the "#', if applicable). Repeat for any other rooms you wish to join.

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