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Alexander Kempgen

Contact me

You can find me in the Colloquy chat room, name is nightstalker, or you can mail me.


I'm working on the German localization?, the FAQs and the Documentation Project. I also file and review tickets and provide support in said chat room.

Enjoy some experimental TracPr0n at TicketCategories.

My tickets

New / Assigned / Reopened::

AppleScript Extensions Suite feature request
When someone offers to send you a file, check whether the offer is still valid, before letting the user select a place to save it
A "Plugins" menu in the menubar would be useful
add a pref to warn before closing a connected chat window with cmd-w
Get Info doesnt work when theres a bad ban in the list
rejoining a room you just left (cmd w) causes colloquy to join and instantly part the room again
Certain Prefixes represent different Modes on different Networks
Rename "Detach Panel" to "Detach Chat Room"
Add "Room Language is… en/de/nl/…" as a per room setting
possible new and old window interface options
add a "buddy" class to `<span class="member>nick</span>` in the transcript
styles should use the "identifier" attribute in events when available in their xsl files
add a "important notes" category to the create style page
buddy list's "show info" button and "get info" context menu item are confusing
new connection dlog: switch "chat server" pull down to a list of silc servers
Make "Auto join Chat Room on Invite" a per room pref
clicking the "sort by member count" button closes the join room window
room info gui can't set member limit to 1 "+l 1"
don't ignore irc error 477 on freenode once they are ready
make the input box a token field that recognizes nicknames/commands/...
add auto punctuation for tab completing multiple nicks at the beginning of a message
"/names #roomwerenotin" opens a panel for that room, shouldnt
"/ignore xy" is permanent, "context menu > ignore" isnt
freenode-seven: "/whois notanick" doesnt indicate that the user doesnt exist, instead keeps spinning
quakenet N broadcast notice not shown in ui, probably because of "$*" mask
Support for Quiet List


Notices are shown in Growl although a panel is open
Scrollback (and member limit) > 1000 doesn't work with international settings
if no parameters are given, use /topic to display the current topic
Colloquy beachballs when returning from sleep
Scrollback too short after the 10.3.9 update
Bringing up the Prefs crashes Colloquy
possible way for installing plugins
auto add transferred mp3s to iTunes should be an option, plus there should be a playlist "Colloquy"
File menu > Smart Transcripts & Favorites have no submenus
nick completer produces wrong results with nicknames containing \
/whois dialog should show the away message
Scroll bar out of sync
option to disable detachable tabs
Colloquy could detect iTMS links like Safari does
mark scrollback could be automated
utf8 urls are not completely shown as links
German/Dutch localization: Add Buddy dialog is broken [has fix!]
Transcript Browser defect
&#34;Add #xy to favorites&#34; is broken
When running 2 instances of Colloquy, one crashes on quit
When switching away from a newly opened tab, the webview won't update
Trac: add a way to request Plugins
Trivia game / quiz bot plugin
There should be a visual difference between messages and the different types of notices
Tab completion for own nick in direct chats (to bots)
keep nicknames from users who recently left a chatroom in the tab-completer for a while
Quits unexpected when connecting to a server and server encoding is set to utf8
background of the last channel joined is 100% transparent
sometimes colloquy wont delete certain keys in the input box and doesnt send on return
Colloquy needs easter eggs!
ban list needs a 2nd column for "ban-author"
Prefix not supported: -@nick for "SOP" (a higher op level)
<option>-ban in the context menu is broken
faulty style causes colloquy not to load its main window or prefs
highlight marks in the scroll bar dont always show up
Favorites: add the key for password protected rooms to the inetloc file
User modes are not recognized on old bahamut irc servers
Removing a chat room pw does not work on Quakenet (+ possible fix)
get info > ban list shows only one ban, although there are more in the list
sparkle cant handle the "M" in the build number
context menu for "grant voice" is disabled if target has op
setting a (wrong) ban on *@something results in a ban on *!*@*
currently PlugIns are loaded twice
reverse item order if context menu opens above the cursor
ask for a password when trying to join a +k keyed room
we could use a wiki page that tells users they need to register and how to file good tickets
add the appcast as a version history to the wiki
Fix Crash Reports
buddy inspector's voice menu's first entry is "voice:", should be "none"
Support IRC+
freenode ircd hyperion doesnt send "318 end of whois" on error
implement /help to prevent switcher confusion
"register with nickserv to talk" rooms like #rubyonrails break stuff
handle 506: <channel> Please register with services and use the IDENTIFY command (/msg nickserv help) to speak in this channel
close "invite only" alert when receiving an invite
japanese/trad chinese help menus don't have leopard's "search menu" feature
auto join context menu item is case sensitive, shouldnt be
editing the connection inspector's nick password field does not send the pw to the service
proactive identification on reconnect is broken
433/ nick force changed by services needs to be reworded
"room is invite only" alert blocks reconnect on 2nd connection
"/ban nick_that_is_not_in_room" does nothing
add chat room suggestions
make quit message in quit dlog prettier
rejoing after sleep occurs regardless of identification
only "handle" notices, if chatcore actually took over the auto identification
to change to a registered nick support ustream's ( "/nick nick:pass" oddness
assertion fail when entering irc:// as server address
dont identify to the pref nick if nickserv requests id for the current nick
#1747 and break when using both server pw and nick pw. (no room auto join)
attribute for MVChatRoomPassphraseToJoinMode isnt always remembered
freenode-seven: "/whois notanick" doesnt indicate that the user doesnt exist, instead keeps spinning
#2478 should be in the list
mobile shouldn't show smileys after turning the pref off, even if it is already on screen