Jun 27, 2015:

11:35 PM Ticket #4520 (Bouncer doesn't work) created by ayrapetov@…
Here's what happens. Normally, I use 2.4 because it's the only way I can …
3:50 AM Ticket #4515 (Connected with yellow light) created by adamdkimbrough@…
Hi, I have successfully been able to connect to Freenode and join chat …

Jun 18, 2015:

7:06 PM Ticket #4513 (Crashes on /join) created by sdownin.me95@…
Colloquy crashes when I try to /list channels or /join a room. Pretty …

Jun 11, 2015:

3:25 PM Ticket #4508 (App crash and quit when adding a bouncer on ipad) created by anonymous
As the title suggest the app quit when I clic the add button. In my iPad …
2:23 PM Changeset [6346] by zach
fix build on xcode 6.3.x, next version is 1.7.4
11:26 AM Changeset [6345] by zach
only send ACCOUNT if user is identified
11:11 AM Ticket #4285 (Jabber added to connection, crashes on each start but no plist file ...) closed by zach
Fixed: We have a new jabber library that no longer has this crash.

Jun 10, 2015:

6:42 PM Ticket #1591 (crash when attempting to connect to an XMPP server) closed by zach
Fixed: We changed our underlying XMPP framework around, and this should be fixed …
6:19 PM Changeset [6344] by zach
Fix mobile build, fix more warnings on mobile, remove unused Mac code
6:13 PM Changeset [6343] by zach
fix warnings in plugins and dependencies
5:59 PM Changeset [6342] by zach
fix warnings on Mac
5:36 PM Changeset [6341] by zach
use a better set of delegate methods from XMPPFramework
5:06 PM Changeset [6340] by zach
replace Acid with XMPPFramework, fixing the build on 10.11
11:37 AM Changeset [6339] by zach
Fix more warnings
9:24 AM Ticket #4507 (Colloquy 2.4.3 crashes on Mac OS X 10.10.4 (14E33b)) created by peter.jones@…
When opening the app everything appears to be fine. After 10 seconds it …

Jun 9, 2015:

5:24 PM Changeset [6338] by zach
fix more warnings
12:37 AM Changeset [6337] by zach
Add support for searching chat rooms and servers

Jun 8, 2015:

11:18 PM Changeset [6336] by zach
add missing file, fix nullability locations
4:49 PM Changeset [6335] by zach
Xcode 7 build and warning fixes
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