Feb 21, 2011:

5:53 PM PushNotifications edited by wired
updated the znc push module section (diff)

Feb 20, 2011:

4:44 PM Ticket #2567 (NickServ identify does not work with an SSL connection) created by kumar303
I'm trying to connect to irc.mozilla.org on port 6697 (recommended) as SSL …
11:05 AM Changeset [5258] by kiji.roshi
Add new Mac target that does nothing yet.
11:04 AM Changeset [5257] by kiji.roshi
Update Makefile to use workspace.

Feb 19, 2011:

11:55 PM Changeset [5256] by kiji.roshi
Some small optimizations to the thread perform code.
11:55 PM Changeset [5255] by kiji.roshi
Exclude some methods when scripting is disabled.
8:28 PM Changeset [5254] by kiji.roshi
3:54 PM Changeset [5253] by kiji.roshi
Add initial shell for a new Mac project and share build settings with iOS.
3:28 PM Changeset [5252] by kiji.roshi
Remove long dead file.
3:18 PM Changeset [5251] by kiji.roshi
Fix some warnings.
2:46 PM Changeset [5250] by kiji.roshi
Fix some warnings.
7:33 AM Changeset [5249] by kiji.roshi
Rename Mobile Colloquy.xcodeproj to Colloquy (iOS).xcodeproj.

Feb 18, 2011:

10:48 PM Changeset [5248] by kiji.roshi
Branch for Colloquy 2.
10:35 PM Ticket #2566 (/part or /leave doesn't work if there's a string after it.) created by computers57@…
It seems that whenever I try to /leave or /part with a string after it …
10:32 PM Changeset [5247] by kiji.roshi
Add Xcode 4 files to the ignore list.
10:21 PM Changeset [5246] by kiji.roshi
Move the Colloquy project to Colloquy (Old) in preperation for a new …
10:18 PM Changeset [5245] by kiji.roshi
Add ENABLE define.
10:17 PM Changeset [5244] by kiji.roshi
Fix warnings.
9:43 PM Changeset [5243] by kiji.roshi
Fix warnings.
9:43 PM Changeset [5242] by kiji.roshi
Clean up #ifdef.
9:41 PM Changeset [5241] by kiji.roshi
Add Xcode 4 files to the ignore list.
9:37 PM Changeset [5240] by kiji.roshi
Add #ifdef around a method to let it work on Mac.
9:36 PM Changeset [5239] by kiji.roshi
Update NIBs.
1:42 AM Ticket #2564 (Keyboard) closed by zach
fixed: This is fixed in SVN; an update will be forthcoming.

Feb 17, 2011:

10:27 PM Ticket #2564 (Keyboard) created by jasoncarcione@…
The keyboard is often blocking the message window. I can only correct by …
12:30 PM Ticket #2563 (ZNC Push Module Floods Phone with Messages) created by joshhattersley@…
I recently attempted to set up the ZNC Push module, for use with Mobile …

Feb 15, 2011:

4:51 PM Ticket #2562 (Problems IRC) created by Hell
Hi, I'm user specifically KVIrc IRC client, Colloquy have fallen, to …
11:09 AM Ticket #2560 (Colloquy keeps forgetting IRC server passwords) created by cos+itunes@…
I have Colloquy on iPad. The IRC servers I use most, require passwords to …

Feb 12, 2011:

8:12 PM Ticket #2555 (Auto-Caps is kinda clunky, you're better off without it.) created by fruityjunkie@…
I find myself constantly battling with the Auto-Caps. feature, please …

Feb 9, 2011:

9:02 PM Ticket #2554 (Colloquy causes a join-flood if Applescript debugging is enabled at launch) created by celticminstrel
If the secret AppleScript? debugging preference is enabled when Colloquy …
8:58 PM Ticket #2553 (Allow interference with the auto-reconnect cycle) created by celticminstrel
Colloquy's auto-reconnect cycle is quite slow, perhaps with good reason. …

Feb 8, 2011:

2:59 PM Ticket #2544 (collquy disconnect after while) closed by zach
duplicate: Nope, Apple forces this limit on you, sorry.
2:59 PM Ticket #2543 (new versions ?) closed by zach
invalid: Not yet, sorry.
2:58 PM Ticket #2515 (Push Notification have stopped.) closed by zach
fixed: Its back up. The previous issue revolved around Apple and Push …

Feb 7, 2011:

8:55 AM Ticket #2515 (Push Notification have stopped.) reopened by AlabasterSlim
It seems be down again. I'm not receiving any push notifications, and …

Feb 6, 2011:

1:00 PM Ticket #2544 (collquy disconnect after while) created by ramy@…
Hello , after idling few mins , and while iam checking something in …
8:56 AM Ticket #2543 (new versions ?) created by ramy@…
Hello , is there any new version for colloquy ? cause i didn't see any new …

Feb 5, 2011:

1:37 PM Ticket #2541 (Join/Leave) closed by zach
worksforme: You can already do this, in Settings.app under the item listed "Colloquy"
10:25 AM Ticket #2541 (Join/Leave) created by cliffrai@…
Colloquy mobile would benefit from a way to hide all the "-person- joined …

Feb 4, 2011:

10:28 AM Ticket #2540 (Prints a page when connected) created by adam@…
As soon as I log in to colloquy at my office, it prints two pages of …

Feb 3, 2011:

2:30 AM Changeset [5238] by zach
Add "Less Common Settings.xcconfig" to only set FRAMEWORK_SEARCH_PATHS, …

Feb 2, 2011:

6:17 PM Source Code edited by zach
3:22 AM Changeset [5237] by zach
Make the @interface declaration consistent with the @implementation for …
3:16 AM Changeset [5236] by zach
Fix a warning about multiple methods of the same name found on type id
3:13 AM Changeset [5235] by zach
Remove an unused variable
3:07 AM Changeset [5234] by zach
Commit code that will never be reached to hide spurious warnings from both …
2:59 AM Changeset [5233] by zach
-Wmost instead of -Wall to avoid false warnings about returning void in a …

Feb 1, 2011:

9:59 PM Changeset [5232] by zach
Fix build with Clang

Jan 30, 2011:

2:52 PM Ticket #2538 (Color help) closed by zach
duplicate: There is no way to add colors to Mobile Colloquy right now; this is a dupe …
2:51 PM Ticket #2515 (Push Notification have stopped.) closed by zach
fixed: Push has been fixed, sorry for any inconvenience anyone may have had.
2:51 PM Ticket #2534 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) closed by zach
fixed: Our push server was temporarily down for a few days. It is back up now.
2:30 PM Ticket #2538 (Color help) created by Crackingpr0n
Hi I am using colloquy for iPod, and need help accessing colors. It's …

Jan 29, 2011:

5:42 AM Changeset [5231] by zach
Small fixes for analyzer results found by clang checker-254

Jan 28, 2011:

6:45 PM Ticket #2534 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) created by la@…
the pushed message won't be desplayed while disconnected!
10:51 AM Ticket #2533 (Server-Tab and Channels don't disappear in "Colloquies"...) created by la@…
...after having deleted the corresponding Server from "Connections". By …
9:37 AM Ticket #2532 (Add Option to Sort Channels by Name in Tabbed Window Mode) created by logi
I would like to see an option to allow sorting channels alphabetically …
6:58 AM Ticket #2531 (automatic resizing of join window inconsistencies) created by anonymous
When I click on the join room icon from the Connections window, the window …

Jan 27, 2011:

10:16 PM Ticket #2530 (tab completion) closed by zach
duplicate: Dupe of #2099
10:14 PM Ticket #1646 (Tab key triggers word completion broken) closed by zach
duplicate: Dupe of #767
10:11 PM Ticket #2526 (no sound in notifications while in background) closed by zach
8:26 AM Ticket #2530 (tab completion) created by colloquyandirssiuser
is it possible to have the same tab compeltion as irssi? i.e nick …

Jan 26, 2011:

12:54 PM Ticket #2526 (no sound in notifications while in background) created by wired
if i have colloquy in the background and someone highlights/PMs me, the …

Jan 25, 2011:

4:55 PM Ticket #2525 (Program Crash when click on connection - "Set Away Status..." v. 1.3.2 ...) created by la@…
...happens when under Settings - Default Messages - Away isn't filled with …
1:56 AM Ticket #2524 (Keep track of +r rooms and attempt to rejoin again after identification) created by zach
By default, Colloquy doesn't wait for authentication before joining rooms …

Jan 24, 2011:

2:01 PM Ticket #2523 (iPad Landscape lock) created by paul@…
There is currently a portrait lock, which works great on the iPhone.. but …

Jan 23, 2011:

1:50 AM Ticket #2522 (slow to connect to network and slower to connect to channel(undernet)) created by rans0m@…
Hi, I installed and set up undernet and a autojoin on a channel. it …
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