May 4, 2009:

10:34 PM Documentation/TipsAndTricks edited by zach
9:50 PM Documentation/TipsAndTricks edited by zach
Lists tips and tricks tweeted for future reference (diff)
9:41 PM Changeset [4324] by kiji.roshi
Fix a bug I caused a few commits back…
9:37 PM Changeset [4323] by kiji.roshi
More push and bouncer support.
5:09 PM Changeset [4322] by kiji.roshi
Rewrite the pile of code I wrote yesterday. Much better today.
4:19 PM Changeset [4321] by zach
Update source= parameter to Mobile Colloquy's instead of using Desktop …

May 3, 2009:

9:50 PM Changeset [4320] by kiji.roshi
Finish the bouncer UI and make it work.
11:34 AM Changeset [4319] by zach
Fix some memory leaks
11:19 AM Changeset [4318] by zach
Adds a /tweet command
5:58 AM Ticket #1590 (Frequent crashes on trunk) created by me@…
I can't tell what causes this, but at least once every 24 hours Colloquy …

May 2, 2009:

1:08 PM Ticket #1589 (creating a new SILC connection fails) created by folkert
creating a new SILC connection fails (sometimes) repro: -click 'new' in …

May 1, 2009:

10:40 PM Changeset [4317] by kiji.roshi
Misc UI changes and starting to get the UI working for bouncer/push …
10:39 PM Changeset [4316] by kiji.roshi
Add support for connecting to the upcoming Colloquy bouncer.
7:43 PM Changeset [4315] by akempgen
Undo r4314, doesn't need to be changed
7:32 PM Changeset [4314] by akempgen
Hide another connect/identification notice on undernet.
6:51 PM Changeset [4313] by akempgen
Add support for services down error on undernet, assuming this is how they …
5:29 PM Changeset [4312] by akempgen
More support and some fixes for identification, esp. when services are …

Apr 28, 2009:

11:20 AM Ticket #1585 (Channle error) closed by zach
worksforme: Channel settings changed. Its saying to register your nick. Since this …
9:23 AM Ticket #1588 (Alias and Event Scripting?) created by Cori
Hi, I think this is one of the nicest looking IRC clients I've ever seen …
7:19 AM Ticket #1585 (Channle error) created by tmasters87@…
I am attempting to join a chat room and every time i try it says that …

Apr 26, 2009:

5:40 PM Ticket #1584 (Drawer state option in Appearance preference tab) created by twwinwood@…
I run Colloquy with the userlist in a drawer on the side of the window, …
5:28 PM Ticket #1583 (Animate drawer when window is minimised to Dock or restored) created by twwinwood@…
Currently if the Colloquy window is minimised with the drawer open, the …
12:52 PM Changeset [4311] by kiji.roshi
Make setting destructiveButtonIndex and cancelButtonIndex for alerts and …
11:51 AM Changeset [4310] by timothy
Remove some setting cruft.
11:49 AM Changeset [4309] by timothy
Another fix for Python support.
11:47 AM Changeset [4308] by timothy
Break up a super long regex and use hasCaseInsensitiveSubstring in most …
10:47 AM Ticket #1225 (can not run python plugins) closed by timothy
fixed: Landed the patch in r4307.
10:46 AM Changeset [4307] by timothy
Fix Python plugin support with the patch by yqiang. Fixes #1225.
10:25 AM Ticket #1225 (can not run python plugins) reopened by jezdez
This patch does indeed fix the issue for me, using Xcode 3.1 on 10.5.6. …
1:14 AM Changeset [4306] by kiji.roshi
Fix build for device.

Apr 25, 2009:

7:09 PM Changeset [4305] by kiji.roshi
Fix a crash due to the recent alert preferences changes.
6:52 PM Changeset [4304] by kiji.roshi
No longer use AGRegex for mobile code.
6:22 PM Changeset [4303] by zach
Change around prefs relating to alerts
5:53 PM Ticket #1582 (rejoing after sleep occurs regardless of identification) created by akempgen
rejoing after sleep occurs regardless of identification. somewhat related …
4:31 PM Changeset [4302] by kiji.roshi
Fix the mobile build after xenon broke it! We should remove AGRegex too…
4:10 PM Changeset [4301] by timothy
Remove AGRegex from ChatCore? and start using r39 of RegexKitLite?.
1:30 AM Changeset [4300] by zach
Audio notifications for highlight, private message and file transfer
1:22 AM Changeset [4299] by jane
fixing a wording mistake by zach.
12:33 AM Changeset [4298] by zach
Fixes a small typo in [4297]
12:31 AM Ticket #1458 (433/ nick force changed by services needs to be reworded) closed by zach
fixed: Fixed in [4297]
12:30 AM Changeset [4297] by zach
Rewords error alerts that show up when service changes a users nickname. …

Apr 24, 2009:

1:43 PM Ticket #1581 (iphone + cp1251) closed by zach
invalid: Please don't use trac for support requests in the future. But, …
12:49 PM Ticket #1581 (iphone + cp1251) created by vityaz.wth@…
Hello tell me plz how can i change utf-8 to cp1251??? Thank you.

Apr 23, 2009:

6:52 PM Ticket #1431 (Hide certain notices) closed by akempgen
fixed: Fixed in [4296].
6:48 PM Changeset [4296] by akempgen
Enhancement: Adds a new default option to the Show Notices (Advanced …
2:25 AM Ticket #1223 (Colloquy crashes on malformed DCC request) closed by zach

Apr 22, 2009:

11:10 PM Changeset [4295] by kiji.roshi
Remove duplicate copies of the sounds and just include the regular sounds.
11:07 PM Changeset [4294] by kiji.roshi
Tweak the default version number.
11:06 PM Changeset [4293] by kiji.roshi
Tweak the URLs and support email address is now support@….
11:04 PM Changeset [4292] by kiji.roshi
Bump the version to 1.0.2.
9:36 PM Ticket #1463 (Auto-completion broken for non-English users) closed by kiji.roshi
wontfix: Closing since I have no solution to this.
7:11 PM Ticket #1580 (Crash when consolidating detached windows) closed by zach
duplicate: Dupe of #1440
7:11 PM Ticket #1486 (Merging two room windows causes crash) closed by zach
duplicate: Dupe of #1440
6:02 PM Ticket #1580 (Crash when consolidating detached windows) created by wsmoak@…
To reproduce, right click on two channels and click 'Detach from Window'. …
1:01 PM Ticket #1579 (Add edit field for topic.) closed by zach
duplicate: Dupe of #996
1:01 PM Ticket #1514 (Changing the channel topic in IRC) closed by zach
duplicate: Dupe of #996
10:11 AM FAQs edited by BoLaurent
added workaround for lack of print capability (diff)
3:12 AM Ticket #1579 (Add edit field for topic.) created by jens@…
As in the Skype-client, it'd be nice if setting a new topic would be as …
2:38 AM Ticket #1578 (Request Cmd+{ and Cmd+} for switching tabs) created by bjorn@…
One of the things I love about OS X is the consistency of keyboard …

Apr 21, 2009:

1:47 PM Ticket #1577 (auto join channel doesn't work from main panel) created by forest@…
This is for colloquy 2.2.1 on OSX 10.5.6 Cntrl-clicking any channel from …
10:46 AM Ticket #1574 (Toolbar button - text only) closed by zach
invalid: You can also get to this by hitting the horizontal button in the top right …
6:11 AM Ticket #1575 (Double Click /list box crash) closed by akempgen
duplicate: #1296

Apr 20, 2009:

9:50 AM Ticket #1576 (there should be a more obvious way to delete a buddy) created by jabronson@…
currently the only way to delete a buddy from the buddy list is with the …
9:10 AM Ticket #1575 (Double Click /list box crash) created by everythingdaniel
The box that lists the rooms, if you double click on the column names to …
8:47 AM Ticket #1574 (Toolbar button - text only) created by cawagons@…
I'd like a toolbar button that can toggle smileys on and off. Sometimes I …
8:17 AM Ticket #1573 (See more of the topic on /list) created by everythingdaniel
When you do /list, you get a box that lists the channels and topics. …
2:06 AM Ticket #1572 (Under message box couldn't resize.) created by Pocket7878
I wrote long message.So,I want to resize the under message box to bigger …

Apr 19, 2009:

2:34 PM Changeset [4291] by jane
fixing [4290] :P
2:19 PM Ticket #1511 (Allow the automated WHOIS on PM windows to be disabled) closed by jane
fixed: this should have been fixed in [4289]. Please reopen if this occurs again …
2:16 PM Ticket #1400 (Spurious available & away messages every five minutes) closed by jane
fixed: this should have been fixed as of [4289]
2:05 PM Ticket #1570 (Typo showBroswer instead showBrowser) closed by jane
fixed: Fixed in [4290], thanks!
2:03 PM Changeset [4290] by jane
A whole bunch of typos, also fixes #1570 (thanks Miro!)
1:59 PM Changeset [4289] by timothy
Disable WHOIS for watched users because IRC operators who can see WHOIS …
6:34 AM Ticket #1571 (Favorite folder nested menus) created by Miro Dietiker
Current folder support in favorites is poor. If one adds folders favorites …
6:06 AM Ticket #1570 (Typo showBroswer instead showBrowser) created by Miro Dietiker
Replace occurences of showBroswer with showBrowser. Occurences are in …

Apr 18, 2009:

8:39 PM Ticket #1509 (sending '/' command causes crash) closed by zach
fixed: Fixed in [4288]
8:37 PM Changeset [4288] by zach
Sends a single "/" as a message instead of a command. Fixes #1509.
5:05 PM Ticket #1569 (Join Chat Room - Multijoin) created by Miro Dietiker
Sometimes i'm looking for channels and filter for keywords. It's pretty …
4:14 PM Ticket #1436 (advanced browser options) closed by zach
fixed: Support for Instapaper added in [4287].
4:13 PM Changeset [4287] by zach
Adds support for saving links to Instapaper. Fixes #1436
4:06 PM Ticket #1568 (Join Chat Room - Directly add room to favorites) created by Miro Dietiker
I would like to add rooms that i found and filtered in "Join Chat Room" …
12:56 PM Changeset [4286] by zach
Makes sure whois only has one nick to work with. Fixes "/whois nick nick" …
10:23 AM Ticket #1567 (Make incompatible encoding message configurable.) created by tru@…
In mixed channels (where people are using both iso-8859-1 and utf-8) the …
3:51 AM TicketCategories edited by akempgen
2:39 AM Ticket #1532 (Cannot log into Trac installation) closed by akempgen
fixed: yeah, i think tim fixed this

Apr 17, 2009:

7:55 PM Ticket #1459 (manage button dimming issue) closed by jane
invalid: appears to be an invalid issue in iPhone OS 3.0
12:25 PM Ticket #1564 (Suggestion: in app web browser links) closed by jane
duplicate: Sorry, no plans for bookmarks. We don't want to be a clone of Mobile …
8:37 AM Ticket #1566 (An effective nick tracking script or plugin.) created by thegod313@…
I OP on a couple of channels and many other OP's who all use windows have …
8:06 AM TicketCategories edited by akempgen
Added hasPatch keyword group (diff)
8:02 AM Ticket #1565 (Adding the mode +G) created by thejetset
This patch adds a check box in JVRoomInspector.nib that allows the user to …
5:40 AM Ticket #1564 (Suggestion: in app web browser links) created by Twick100@…
The in-app web browser is a time saver and allows me to stay connected to …

Apr 16, 2009:

7:21 PM Ticket #1503 ("Server Name" field) closed by akempgen
duplicate: see #1070
7:20 PM Ticket #227 (Multiple consoles or private message panels for the same server are not ...) closed by akempgen
duplicate: #1070 would solve this
7:04 PM Ticket #1541 (Repeating "is marked as away" message) closed by akempgen
duplicate: i'm guessing this is the same issue as in #1400?
6:06 PM Ticket #1120 (login proceeds during auto-update) closed by akempgen
duplicate: duplicate of #966
5:23 PM Ticket #1547 (Echo notices to current chat window) closed by akempgen
wontfix: there are some other tickets related to better handling of notices, but …
5:10 PM Ticket #1439 (MSG options) closed by akempgen
invalid: i dont really understand the reasoning for this request, please reopen …
4:02 PM Ticket #927 (Cannot customize PM windows to the extent of removing ALL icons) closed by akempgen
duplicate: seems to be fine now, reopen if still an issue. also, if you dont want …
3:48 PM Ticket #1442 (script does not stop watch when closing a private) closed by akempgen
worksforme: seems to be fine now
3:09 PM Ticket #183 (No notification bubbles if Growl is installed but disabled for Colloquy) closed by akempgen
duplicate: Replying to anonymous: > Wrong. I installed Growl for …
2:45 PM Ticket #1282 (unable to read user table in voiceover) closed by timothy
duplicate: Considering as a dupe of #998.
1:32 PM Ticket #1563 (Keep the application running after home is pressed.) closed by zach
invalid: Not possible due to Apple's limitation on backgrounding of applications. …
1:26 PM Ticket #735 (allow custom naming of channel/console windows) closed by akempgen
duplicate: duplicate of #227 "Multiple consoles or private message panels for the …
1:10 PM Ticket #1563 (Keep the application running after home is pressed.) created by avery_yates@…
I would so like this application to stay active , with a little red circle …
1:04 PM Changeset [4285] by akempgen
Fix an encoding issue that would result in lines missing from the server …

Apr 15, 2009:

2:59 AM Ticket #364 (Open connections window on application reopen + no visible window) closed by timothy
fixed: Fixed in [4284]. Thanks for the patch.

Apr 14, 2009:

9:44 PM Changeset [4284] by timothy
Open the connections window on application reopen when the are not other …
9:21 PM Changeset [4283] by timothy
Merge this change http://trac.adiumx.com/changeset/26767 from Adium.
9:13 PM Changeset [4282] by kiji.roshi
Clean up an #ifdef.
9:04 PM Ticket #1452 (Crash when receiving filenames with spaces) closed by kiji.roshi
fixed: I merged the latest AsyncSocket? so it should be fixed by r4281.
9:00 PM Changeset [4281] by kiji.roshi
Merge r67 of AsyncSocket? to get the fix for #1452.
8:56 PM Ticket #1543 (the program is crashing after normal use) closed by timothy
invalid: This is a WebKit? issue. Reported to Apple as <rdar://problem/6518853>.
10:59 AM Ticket #1562 (Cmd-I ought to invoke "Get Info" for selected user or channel) closed by zach
duplicate: Somewhat of a dupe of #1560, See jane's comments at …
8:24 AM Ticket #1562 (Cmd-I ought to invoke "Get Info" for selected user or channel) created by bo.laurent@…
"Get Info" is a right-click option for selected users or channels. It …

Apr 11, 2009:

4:28 PM Ticket #1062 (Selection in sidebar doesn't always indicate into which room you're ...) closed by jane
wontfix: This is not a UI defect. The other argument would be that it makes no …

Apr 9, 2009:

12:16 PM Ticket #1560 (Implement common keyboard shortcuts) closed by jane
wontfix: cmd+i clashes with italics. shift+cmd+i will bring up get info. DEL is a …
6:54 AM Ticket #1560 (Implement common keyboard shortcuts) created by anonymous
There are a few basic keyboard shortcuts that should be easy to implement …

Apr 7, 2009:

11:02 PM Changeset [4280] by kiji.roshi
Fixes for 3.0 and code clean up.
5:17 PM Ticket #1559 (ability to use wildcards in /ignore) closed by zach
2:35 PM Ticket #1559 (ability to use wildcards in /ignore) created by Rich_Morin
On more and more IRC channels, I'm seeing postings from <Server>\d+ (eg, …
1:43 PM Ticket #1558 (iTunes script announce it auto instead of manually typing /itunes) closed by jane
wontfix: We're not interested in changing the behavior of the iTunes script to make …
11:44 AM Ticket #1556 (Handlers for custom blah://urls registered with the OS are not ...) closed by zach
worksforme: The example you gave, app://stuff/123 linkifys fine in Colloquy right now. …

Apr 6, 2009:

9:41 PM Ticket #1558 (iTunes script announce it auto instead of manually typing /itunes) created by Efrain
is there a way to make the itunes script announce it auto instead of …
12:53 PM Changeset [4279] by zach
Prevents blank entries from being in the channel list for channels # and …
10:55 AM Changeset [4278] by zach
Removes a second # tag from channel names.

Apr 5, 2009:

2:14 PM Ticket #1557 (make quit message in quit dlog prettier) created by akempgen
needs to be prettier + more obvious what it is, if we want to keep it at …

Apr 4, 2009:

10:32 PM Ticket #1271 (ipv6.chat.freenode.net doesn't work) closed by zach
worksforme: Using Miredo OS X for ipv4 -> ipv6, I was able to connect to …
9:27 PM Changeset [4277] by kiji.roshi
Remove some files that are not needed in mobile.
8:24 PM Ticket #1550 (Colloquy will not work for me today. Was fine last night.) closed by akempgen
worksforme: please reopen with more information if this is still an issue, or visit us …
4:51 PM WikiStart edited by zach
4:47 PM Ticket #953 (we could use a wiki page that tells users they need to register and how to ...) closed by zach
fixed: Created, http://colloquy.info/project/wiki/MakingTickets
4:46 PM MakingTickets edited by zach
more minor formatting fixes (diff)
4:45 PM MakingTickets edited by zach
minor formatting fix (diff)
4:44 PM MakingTickets created by zach
4:28 PM Ticket #1314 (Popups of the "Settings" and the "Bookmarks" buttons should behave the ...) closed by akempgen
worksforme: that's how those menus behave already. the difference you're seeing is …
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