Oct 16, 2008:

2:25 AM Ticket #1284 ([Jabber] Autojoin channel not working) created by alx
I've added a channel to autojoin at a jabber server connection, but it …

Oct 10, 2008:

4:52 PM Ticket #1283 (Colloquy Crashes on open) created by geekeasy
Colloquy was working fine for a week. Now it crashes every time that I …

Sep 29, 2008:

5:48 PM Ticket #1282 (unable to read user table in voiceover) created by Shawn
Voiceover reads all rows in the table of users in the drawer which is …
6:39 AM Ticket #1281 (NickServ) created by female
I keep getting a message from NicServ? that I am using the wrong password …

Sep 19, 2008:

11:56 PM Documentation/CommandReference edited by Phoenix1701
11:30 PM Ticket #1280 (/kickban command bans the nick, not the user/host) created by Phoenix1701
Given the following user: Lamer120lamer@184-83-202-75.ipt.aol.com If …
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