Jun 27, 2008:

9:39 AM Ticket #1253 (XMPP does not allow username containing a . character) created by jszkut
Similar to #1113. When attempting to login with …

Jun 26, 2008:

6:15 AM Ticket #1252 (Additions to Chat Plug-In Suite) created by Cancel
I'm writing a !seen /seen bot and noticed some room events missing member …

Jun 18, 2008:

4:18 AM Ticket #1251 (PastePlug is broken on 2.1 (3761)) created by svoop
The PastePlug? seems to be broken. The URL it pastes looks like this: …

Jun 9, 2008:

12:05 AM Ticket #1250 (Webinterface on iPhone should display cached messages from the Mac client) created by noshtzy
What steps will reproduce the problem? 1. People in IRC channels converse …

Jun 3, 2008:

1:05 PM Ticket #1247 (Preference to quit without showing confirmation dialog) closed by akempgen
duplicate: #261
10:20 AM PowerBook created by Dabbleh
10:18 AM Ticket #1249 (Colloquy won't start up) created by Dabbleh
I'm using a PowerBook G4 Mac OS X 10.3.9 and all Colloquy does when I …

Jun 2, 2008:

3:36 PM Ticket #1247 (Preference to quit without showing confirmation dialog) created by phallstrom
I find it irritating that everytime I cmd-q to quit a dialog pops up to …

Jun 1, 2008:

3:12 PM Ticket #1246 (New Colloquy Update Crashes on Mac OS X 10.3.9 - Still) created by Dabbleh
Suddenly Colloquy has started to fail to launch, it bounces and then …

May 31, 2008:

10:57 PM Ticket #1155 (Applescript - send message events returning "missing value") closed by timothy
fixed: Fixed in [3784]. Thanks for the patch!
10:56 PM Changeset [3784] by timothy
Fixes a bug where send message events in AppleScript? would return 'missing …
10:39 PM Ticket #1240 (Colloquy sends malformed DCC SEND requests.) closed by timothy
fixed: Fixed in [3783].
10:39 PM Changeset [3783] by timothy
Fixes our turbo DCC SEND requests, some were missing a space. #1240
10:26 PM Ticket #1215 (Scrolling the chat window, scrolls whatever app is *behind* it as well) closed by timothy
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