May 18, 2008:

12:24 AM Ticket #1241 (The File-Transfer Windows Can't Be Resized!) created by Panarchy
Hello! The File-transfer window (which I use for XDCC downloads) can't be …

May 17, 2008:

5:07 AM Ticket #1240 (Colloquy sends malformed DCC SEND requests.) created by nox
When you try to send a file to someone using one of the two most popular …
1:26 AM Ticket #1239 (Sleep message away interrupt) created by zach
Any chance it could be possible to have Colloquy display a different …

May 12, 2008:

12:22 PM Ticket #1238 (Tab completion of nicknames inserts extraneous colons) closed by akempgen
2:14 AM Ticket #1238 (Tab completion of nicknames inserts extraneous colons) created by sarnesjo
Steps to reproduce: 1. Join a channel where there is a user whose nick …

May 2, 2008:

9:01 PM Ticket #1237 (Notification for Versioning, Timeing, and Pining) created by cooldude13233
yo, i got a suggestion for a Feature for a next built of Colloquy, it is …

May 1, 2008:

10:21 AM Ticket #1236 (SecureIRC using client SSL certificate) created by bbarrera
It is not always convenient to use ssh port forwarding to workaround an …

Apr 28, 2008:

12:12 PM Ticket #1235 (Colloquy crashes when dragging tab from one window to another) created by eduardgrebe
Coloquy crashes when I drag a channel's tab from one window to another …

Apr 27, 2008:

1:15 PM Ticket #1234 (Receiving a /notice opens a 'private message' tab, but answers are sent as ...) created by l3mr
I configured my colloquy to open a new tab when receiving a notice. Now, …

Apr 20, 2008:

7:15 PM Ticket #1233 ("File Transfers" progress bar doesnt update.) created by LordMelkor
Anytime I recieve an XDCC transfer, if for any reason I hit stop, and then …

Apr 19, 2008:

4:32 PM Ticket #1232 (French localizable strings missing quotes) created by eschaton
There are some strings in French.lproj/Localizable.strings that are …
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