Apr 1, 2008:

11:22 PM Ticket #413 (Command history for consoles) reopened by etherflan
Command+up (or down) does not affect history (unlike what is stated) and …
11:03 PM Ticket #271 (Colloquy needs much better support for IRC "ghosts") reopened by etherflan
Not including such a basic feature is somewhat ridiculous.
11:01 PM Ticket #331 (If you change your nickname with /nick the nickname in the drawer doesn't ...) reopened by etherflan
It still does this, it will even do this if you manually change your nick …
10:52 PM Ticket #1150 (change nick one time on many networks) reopened by etherflan
10:37 PM Ticket #205 (Can't change nickname via connections window) reopened by etherflan
Identify of original nick seems unsuccessful (despite the success message) …
8:08 PM Ticket #1221 (need to distinguish text from other chatters) created by mtndew333
I've recently been promoted to an op on a site and they send messages back …

Mar 30, 2008:

5:08 PM Ticket #1220 (Applescript plugin "send raw command" function works only once, aborts ...) created by esialb
In an applescript plugin, the "send raw command" function works only once, …
8:37 AM Ticket #1202 (/list #{roomname} brings up join chatroom in IRC) closed by akempgen
wontfix: What other client uses /list in this way? Colloquy uses /names …
8:10 AM Ticket #1216 (Operator Functions) closed by akempgen
worksforme: jane is right about the gui, also check out context menu + <option key> …

Mar 27, 2008:

8:00 PM Ticket #1219 (Command-<# Key> should be able to switch between tabs in tab view mode) created by ddollar
Many many other applications behave in this manner and though I've been a …

Mar 24, 2008:

4:29 PM Ticket #1218 (New alert action: Mail.app badge-style counter) created by zee
There's no way to have alerts which do not distract, but have an …

Mar 23, 2008:

8:10 AM Ticket #1217 (Client joins channel before nickserv responds to IDENTIFY command.) created by zenwhen
Issue: Client joins channel before nickserv responds to IDENTIFY …

Mar 22, 2008:

12:57 PM Ticket #1216 (Operator Functions) created by KingKovifor
The one feature that I truly miss inside of Colloquy is Operator …
10:21 AM Ticket #1215 (Scrolling the chat window, scrolls whatever app is *behind* it as well) created by hakanw
I'm using Version 2.1 (3761), on OS X 10.5.2 If I scroll the chat area in …
1:11 AM Ticket #1214 (Crashes when creating a new Smart Transcript) created by zach
When trying to create a new Smart Transcript (File -> Smart Transcript -> …

Mar 21, 2008:

12:18 AM Ticket #1213 (/reload style doesn't work in build 3794) created by zach
When editing a theme in Leopard, after typing "/reload style" or "/reload …

Mar 20, 2008:

4:36 AM Ticket #1212 (SSL is broken in leopard) created by IH
Connecting to irc servers with SSL fail with no error, it just won't …

Mar 16, 2008:

6:49 PM Ticket #1211 (Incorporate Adium-style transcripts for useability. Would be awesome!) created by adegeus
The current Colloquy transcript format is so slow and unwieldy, we use …
6:45 PM Ticket #1210 (Transcript Browser completely non-functional) created by adegeus
Selecting "Transcript Browser" in the Window menu, or hitting command-4 -- …

Mar 15, 2008:

5:29 PM Ticket #1209 (Updated Italian strings) created by starless
The Italian localization contained some errors. I used the web interface …

Mar 14, 2008:

12:16 AM Development/PlugIns/JavaScript edited by loudambiance
there was an error in the bug url plugin example (diff)

Mar 13, 2008:

4:13 AM Ticket #1208 (Can't add new SILC connection) created by indeyets
It is impossible to add new SILC connection. Steps: 1) Command+1 (open …

Mar 12, 2008:

11:48 AM Ticket #1207 (Aliases?) created by spectre51
Where can you create a simple alias? I want to bind say /ad to broadcase …

Mar 9, 2008:

3:20 PM Ticket #1206 (add auto-/away-when-keyboard-and-mouse-idle option) created by megacz
Is there any way to have Colloquy automatically /away me when my keyboard …
3:19 PM Ticket #1205 (Colloquy does not restore /away status after network interruptions) created by megacz
If I set myself /away and am disconnected from the server (due to network …
12:50 AM Ticket #1171 (Main Colloquy window transparent to mouse events?) closed by timothy
fixed: Fixed in [3782].
12:48 AM Changeset [3782] by timothy
Fix the issue where scroll events would affect background windows. #1171
12:40 AM Ticket #1203 (Scrolling Colloquy scrollback window with the scrollwheel can cause other ...) closed by timothy
12:39 AM Ticket #1181 (Create a apple-touch-icon.png for the Colloquy web interface for ...) closed by timothy
fixed: Fixed in [3780]. Build now at: …
12:31 AM Changeset [3781] by timothy
Check for the user agent of the SDK simulator.
12:27 AM Changeset [3780] by timothy
Add a home screen icon for the iPhone Web Interface.
12:07 AM Changeset [3779] by timothy
Fix the keyboar showing code so the chat and the input is visible again.

Mar 6, 2008:

7:50 PM Changeset [3778] by timothy
Build fixes.
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