Dec 31, 2007:

9:53 PM Ticket #1174 (Room Name (Partially) Case Sensitive) created by khalsah
As best I can tell if you auto join a room... say "#CaseSensitive?" then …

Dec 30, 2007:

5:34 AM ColorPicker created by encro
Added ColorPicker bundle description
5:25 AM Ticket #1173 (Colloquy attempts to load .DS_Store file as a Custom ColorPicker Class) created by encro
If a .DS_Store file is located in either of the following: …

Dec 29, 2007:

8:12 AM Documentation/TipsAndTricks/HiddenPreferences edited by bogo_lode
8:11 AM KnownIssues edited by bogo_lode

Dec 28, 2007:

12:48 PM Ticket #1172 (History in input text field.) closed by akempgen
worksforme: try opt/alt-up :)
12:44 PM Ticket #1172 (History in input text field.) created by InfernoSoul
I was wondering if it were possible to have your history that you type in …

Dec 27, 2007:

1:57 AM Ticket #1171 (Main Colloquy window transparent to mouse events?) created by ap
When the main Colloquy window is positioned above another window with a …

Dec 24, 2007:

1:51 AM Ticket #1170 (accessing transcript browser crashes Colloquy) created by mooeey
When I try to access my logs, it crashes Colloquy every time, which means …

Dec 23, 2007:

9:17 PM Ticket #1137 (Nick tab completion breaks on "\" as first char) closed by akempgen
fixed: Fixed in [3770].
9:16 PM Changeset [3770] by akempgen
Fixes nick tab completion for nicks beginning with "\". #1137
10:10 AM Ticket #1169 (display field graphical error) closed by akempgen
invalid: the Colloquy for iPhone application (mcolloquy) is a seperate project with …
6:18 AM Ticket #1169 (display field graphical error) created by fussel
hello, my quite positive experience in using colloquy is regularily …
12:59 AM Ticket #1168 (Colloquy should have option to show full names in room list) created by macdome
Colloquy should have option to show full names in room list Kinda like …

Dec 22, 2007:

12:02 PM Ticket #1167 (Colloquy should warn before sending large pastes) created by macdome
Colloquy should warn before sending large pastes Try selecting 50 files …

Dec 20, 2007:

10:25 PM Ticket #1166 (Clearing scrollback sometimes causes Colloquy to freeze) created by jayare
Clearing the scrollback, either by pressing the "Clear" button on the …

Dec 19, 2007:

10:17 AM Ticket #1165 (Crash while editing panel grouping prefs) created by jackr
Colloquy crashed while I was adding rules to a panel grouping set. …

Dec 10, 2007:

2:17 PM Ticket #1164 (handle user typos in password popup (nickserv) properly) created by jeremyb
I initially observed this with unreal running anope (irc.mozilla.org) but …
7:24 AM Ticket #1163 (sidebar should match Leopard style) created by livings124
The colors of the sidebar, including the background color and selected …

Dec 8, 2007:

4:11 PM Ticket #1162 (Impossible to select a custom sound) created by jlecour
Hi, The only sound available for notification are Colloquy's own sounds …

Dec 6, 2007:

8:25 PM Ticket #1161 (Google Talk+SSL Crash) created by pyro3d
When I try to connect to Google Talk using Jabber and SSL, Colloquy …

Dec 5, 2007:

10:12 PM Ticket #1160 (Colloquy does not register itself as the default handler for ...) created by e1ven
On Leopard/10.5, with Colloquy Version 2.1 (3761), When I download a new …

Dec 2, 2007:

10:02 AM Ticket #1159 (Shortcut to Colloquys script/plugin folder) created by ljuvefreya
Possibly add links to Colloquys plugin folder under either the Help menu …
10:00 AM Ticket #1158 (Seeing server messages) created by ljuvefreya
When Wallops are sent, the server notifies you of why you cannot rejoin a …

Dec 1, 2007:

8:38 PM Ticket #1157 (iPhone's IRC Problem) closed by Rinoa
invalid: We aren't responsible for mColloquy. It's a separate program.
2:30 PM Ticket #1157 (iPhone's IRC Problem) created by MacOSG
When logged into Leo LaPorte?'s IRC server, the screen goes all red and …
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