Aug 31, 2007:

6:16 AM Ticket #1087 (Add "Save as XHTML" simply by providing a wrapper around XML transcript) created by ben-agaric
The ability to save transcripts as XHTML so it can be viewed across …

Aug 30, 2007:

12:34 AM Ticket #1086 (long lines are truncated) created by jane
for sanmarcos, who was too impatient to do this.. long lines (>512chars …

Aug 29, 2007:

2:40 PM Ticket #1085 (New Japanese localization) created by redgecko
I've finished the Japanese localization of Colloquy 2.1(3690). I hope it …

Aug 28, 2007:

11:59 PM Ticket #1084 (Full localizable patch for r3717) created by redgecko
In the current application, many displayed strings cannot be localized. I …
11:47 PM Changeset [3717] by timothy
Consolidate some redundant code and fix some subtile bugs.
11:41 PM Changeset [3716] by timothy
Fix the build location.
11:09 PM Ticket #1083 (Some null characters in English Localizable.strings) created by redgecko
When I try to localize Colloquy, some localize logic could not work well. …

Aug 22, 2007:

11:11 AM Ticket #1082 (Pasting text formatted with the default theme does not look right in Mail, ...) closed by Rinoa
duplicate: Duplicate of #774
8:20 AM Ticket #1082 (Pasting text formatted with the default theme does not look right in Mail, ...) created by ddkilzer
* SUMMARY When pasting text that was formated with Colloquy's default …

Aug 20, 2007:

8:09 AM Ticket #1081 (Spell-check language should be a per-room preference) created by antifuchs
I would like to set the german IRC channels I'm visiting regularly to have …

Aug 19, 2007:

1:51 PM Changeset [3715] by timothy
Fixes IRC connections on Leopard.

Aug 17, 2007:

11:41 PM FAQs edited by Rinoa
Tor link updating (diff)

Aug 15, 2007:

9:05 AM Changeset [3714] by timothy
Change how the runloop spins.
8:58 AM Changeset [3713] by timothy
Rework InterThreadMessaging? to use new methods in Foundation if they …
7:31 AM Changeset [3712] by jmmv
Implement the preferredNickname method in the ICB protocol handler so that …
12:45 AM Ticket #1080 (Colloquy built from svn rev 3710 crashes on launch) closed by timothy
fixed: Fixed in [3711].
12:32 AM Changeset [3711] by timothy
Fix a crash on launch caused by [3710].
12:31 AM Ticket #1080 (Colloquy built from svn rev 3710 crashes on launch) created by eschaton
Colloquy as built from svn rev 3710 (HEAD as of this report) crashes on …

Aug 11, 2007:

10:40 AM Changeset [3710] by timothy
Fix the majority of the compile warnings.

Aug 10, 2007:

8:58 PM Changeset [3709] by timothy
Remove some SPI use.
4:32 AM Ticket #1079 (Nick alert marker does not scroll away with window.) created by setok
The marker that appears in the scrollbar when my nick has appeared does …
4:23 AM Ticket #1078 (Window jumps to top when scrolling and new message arrives) created by setok
If I am scrolling back through the window and someone posts a new message …

Aug 6, 2007:

3:36 PM Ticket #1076 (channel linkifier parser doesn't linkify numerical / punctuation channel ...) closed by Rinoa
wontfix: Our current way of handling it is to not link something that most likely …
10:50 AM Ticket #1077 (time of last topic change should be displayed) created by beej
currently, hovering over the topic bar will tell you who set the topic, …
8:41 AM Ticket #1076 (channel linkifier parser doesn't linkify numerical / punctuation channel ...) created by beej
colloquy will linkify text like "#blah" so that you can click on it to …

Aug 3, 2007:

5:41 PM Ticket #1075 (Flood Control System) created by kas
Colloquy contains no flood control system. In some situations this could …

Aug 2, 2007:

10:41 PM Ticket #1074 (Flood Control) created by kas
I'd like to request some sort of flood control be placed into Colloquy. I …

Aug 1, 2007:

5:34 AM Ticket #1073 (/iTunes does(n't) work) created by Xjs
When typing /iTunes or /music, nothing happens. I am using version 2.1 …
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