Aug 10, 2007:

8:58 PM Changeset [3709] by timothy
Remove some SPI use.
4:32 AM Ticket #1079 (Nick alert marker does not scroll away with window.) created by setok
The marker that appears in the scrollbar when my nick has appeared does …
4:23 AM Ticket #1078 (Window jumps to top when scrolling and new message arrives) created by setok
If I am scrolling back through the window and someone posts a new message …

Aug 6, 2007:

3:36 PM Ticket #1076 (channel linkifier parser doesn't linkify numerical / punctuation channel ...) closed by Rinoa
wontfix: Our current way of handling it is to not link something that most likely …
10:50 AM Ticket #1077 (time of last topic change should be displayed) created by beej
currently, hovering over the topic bar will tell you who set the topic, …
8:41 AM Ticket #1076 (channel linkifier parser doesn't linkify numerical / punctuation channel ...) created by beej
colloquy will linkify text like "#blah" so that you can click on it to …

Aug 3, 2007:

5:41 PM Ticket #1075 (Flood Control System) created by kas
Colloquy contains no flood control system. In some situations this could …

Aug 2, 2007:

10:41 PM Ticket #1074 (Flood Control) created by kas
I'd like to request some sort of flood control be placed into Colloquy. I …

Aug 1, 2007:

5:34 AM Ticket #1073 (/iTunes does(n't) work) created by Xjs
When typing /iTunes or /music, nothing happens. I am using version 2.1 …

Jul 30, 2007:

4:45 PM Ticket #1072 (trailing backslash in nicknames are changed to slash when clicking on ...) created by henriok
I tried do click om my friend CareBear?\ name to do a little privchatting …

Jul 23, 2007:

10:37 PM Ticket #1071 (Web Interface add button isn't implemented) created by nnny
When I try to use Colloquy's web interface plugin with my iPhone I try to …

Jul 19, 2007:

12:32 AM Ticket #1070 (add server "Description" field as an alias to long/similar addresses and ...) created by ScottM
It would be handy if the Connection Panel could accept some sort of …

Jul 18, 2007:

1:55 PM Ticket #1069 (Remove broken plain text log converters until they are fixed) closed by Rinoa
wontfix: The convertors are third-party plugins. Unless someone submits patches, it …
6:44 AM Ticket #1069 (Remove broken plain text log converters until they are fixed) created by smsm1
As mentioned in http://colloquy.info/project/ticket/75#comment:6 Please …

Jul 16, 2007:

8:46 PM Source Code edited by Sfiera
It's called MacPorts? now (diff)
5:26 PM Changeset [3708] by timothy
Workaround fix for the blank chat room bug. There likely stil an issue in …

Jul 14, 2007:

8:04 PM Source Code edited by akempgen
link fix (diff)

Jul 12, 2007:

2:34 PM Documentation/UserInterface/BuddyList/ShowInfo edited by gpaci
2:34 PM Documentation/UserInterface/BuddyList/ShowInfo created by gpaci
2:27 PM Documentation edited by gpaci
2:27 PM Documentation edited by gpaci
Added link for new BuddyList/ShowInfo? page (diff)
2:24 PM Documentation/UserInterface/BuddyList/NewEntry created by gpaci

Jul 11, 2007:

4:33 PM Changeset [3707] by rinoa
Finishes the new Dutch localization. Thanks goes out to sedatg
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