Jun 13, 2007:

12:57 AM Ticket #1059 (Transparency between message and input line) created by ryapeter
I just update to Safari beta 3 however this thing exist for sometime …

Jun 12, 2007:

10:37 AM Ticket #1058 (Random problems when auto-joining) closed by akempgen
duplicate: #576, see KnownIssues
5:52 AM Ticket #1058 (Random problems when auto-joining) created by bruno
Since installing safari 3 beta, colloquy has been acting very weird. I am …

Jun 11, 2007:

7:58 PM FAQs edited by akempgen
minor wiki text edit (diff)
7:55 PM FAQs edited by akempgen
blank chat room bug faq (diff)
7:46 PM KnownIssues edited by akempgen
removed buddy list note, added safari 3 note (diff)
4:30 PM Ticket #1057 (using safari 3 makes text emoticons look weird) created by bogo_lode
for some reason in standard, bland, decaf bland and bogo, using text or …

Jun 8, 2007:

7:11 AM Ticket #1056 ("Join Chat Room" command can create multiple dialog instances) created by pbx
Steps to reproduce: 1. Press cmd-J to open "Join" dialog 2. Click in main …

Jun 7, 2007:

3:10 AM Ticket #1055 (Server password keychain entries have no username) created by narge
Colloquy does not store usernames in server keychain entries; …

Jun 6, 2007:

5:39 PM Changeset [3658] by timothy
Fixes a highly visible crash with JavaScript? plugins when using /reload …

May 30, 2007:

1:27 AM Ticket #1054 (Scrollbar doesn't stay at bottom when the window is resized) created by fuzzy76
When shrinking the window, the scrollbar isn't kept at the bottom for …

May 27, 2007:

7:28 PM Changeset [3657] by timothy
Reverting r3648 to get the old libtransmission, since the new one has a …
6:20 PM Ticket #1053 (Feature request: Sort / Order Channel List) closed by Rinoa
duplicate: Duplicate of #552 and #956
5:20 AM Ticket #1053 (Feature request: Sort / Order Channel List) created by l3mr
It would be great if one could order or even automatically sort the …

May 22, 2007:

11:55 AM Changeset [3656] by rinoa
Attempt to fix the file window not showing the transfer rate in …
10:46 AM Changeset [3655] by akempgen
Makes highlighted messages send strings to JVChatMentioned that are not …

May 21, 2007:

10:17 PM Ticket #343 (remaining download time not shown in German localization) closed by Rinoa
fixed: Possibly fixed in [3654]
10:09 PM Ticket #1033 (colloquy always re-sets limit on get info) closed by Rinoa
fixed: Fixed in [3650]
10:07 PM Ticket #1002 (Make tab bar visible by default?) closed by Rinoa
wontfix: Not something we plan on changing.
10:02 PM Ticket #56 (Scrollback (and member limit) > 1000 doesn't work with international ...) closed by Rinoa
fixed: Fixed in [3654] and [3650]
10:01 PM Changeset [3654] by rinoa
Fixes where changing the scrollback limit to anything greater than 999 …
9:52 PM Changeset [3653] by rinoa
Oops, left out some code.
9:44 PM Ticket #490 (Show the full message in Growl) closed by Rinoa
fixed: Fixed in [3652]
9:43 PM Changeset [3652] by rinoa
Now whenever someone mentions you or a highlight, the full message is …
5:08 PM Ticket #608 (ban list needs a 2nd column for "ban-author") closed by akempgen
fixed: implemented in [3651]
5:03 PM Changeset [3651] by akempgen
Adds a new column for ban author to Chat Room Inspector > Bans. #608

May 18, 2007:

9:50 PM Ticket #1034 (changed limit fails to display if already set) closed by Rinoa
fixed: Fixed in [3650]
9:49 PM Changeset [3650] by rinoa
Fixes where changing the limit and password on a room mode wouldn't …
4:52 PM Changeset [3649] by rinoa
German localizations
2:44 PM Ticket #1036 (plaintext log converter fails to work with large logs) closed by Rinoa
fixed: Fixed by bogo_lode!

May 16, 2007:

2:24 PM Ticket #961 (Monaco 9 x is rendered oddly.) closed by Rinoa
invalid: This isn't a problem with Colloquy. I highly suggest visiting the link …
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