Apr 18, 2007:

9:53 PM Changeset [3643] by timothy
Add support for Jabber of SSL and Google Talk accounts.

Apr 17, 2007:

11:02 PM Changeset [3642] by timothy
Land our fork of AGRegex that use pcre 6.7, remove our pre-built version.
10:19 PM Changeset [3641] by timothy
Land changes to Acid and build it with Colloquy instead of a pre-built …
7:56 PM Changeset [3640] by timothy
Landing the Acid framework code copied from Fire's copy, …
9:21 AM Changeset [3639] by timothy
Try to fix the Acid framework.

Apr 16, 2007:

11:39 PM Changeset [3638] by timothy
Adds the basics for Jabber group chat support. #454
11:35 PM Ticket #1046 (Messages sent using /msg should go into the input history of the private ...) created by aroben
When sending a message to someone using /msg, the text you send should be …

Apr 15, 2007:

4:37 PM Changeset [3637] by timothy
Adds basic Jabber direct chat support using the Acid framework. Group chat …

Apr 14, 2007:

12:49 AM Ticket #1045 (per-channel highlights) created by jane
self explanatory - have global highlights, but also an option to ignore …

Apr 12, 2007:

4:08 PM Ticket #1044 (selective channel logging) created by jane
log only the channels one wants to log, instead of logging all channels or …

Apr 10, 2007:

10:01 PM Changeset [3636] by timothy
Get auto-input resizing working again on Leopard.
5:21 AM Ticket #1043 (Grouping panels by server) created by jane
A preference to group channel windows/notices/messages by server. e.g. …
5:12 AM Ticket #1042 (Dealing with excessive dcc/invite windows) created by jane
It would be nice if there was some way that chan invite requests, DCC …

Apr 9, 2007:

3:16 PM Ticket #1041 (Using AS can't determine if CTCP request target is user or channel.) created by wiredrat
Users can send CTCP messages to both users or channels: /ctcp user …

Apr 4, 2007:

7:40 PM Ticket #1031 (Auto command for bitlbee identification doesn't work) closed by timothy
worksforme: You want to use /msg. Or: /PRIVMSG &bitlbee :identify XXX
2:24 PM Ticket #1040 (Text field in find dialog should always receive initial focus) created by h3h
When Colloquy is initially run and the Find dialog hasn't yet been used, …
1:38 AM Ticket #1039 (auto commands result in "unknown command") created by jane
certain commands performed on-connect result in "unknown command" errors …

Apr 3, 2007:

6:44 PM Ticket #1038 (select next/previous active panel keyboard shortcut not functioning) created by bogo_lode
In latest nightly (tested on 3633 and 3635) I cannot use the keyboard …
1:56 PM Ticket #1037 (AppleScript send message causes crash) created by sti
The "send message" AppleScript? command causes Colloquy to crash. I found …

Mar 30, 2007:

6:48 AM Ticket #1036 (plaintext log converter fails to work with large logs) created by jane
http://colloquy.info/extras/details.php?file=54 - the only way to …
6:44 AM Ticket #1035 ("chat room" to "channel") created by jane
I have read http://ln-s.net/MUI (the FAQ entry about this) and prolly …
6:18 AM Ticket #1034 (changed limit fails to display if already set) created by jane
If a limit is changed while another limit was already in place, Colloquy …
6:04 AM Ticket #1033 (colloquy always re-sets limit on get info) created by chori
when opening the info of a channel if a limit is set colloquy sets it …

Mar 28, 2007:

9:17 PM Ticket #1009 (Hangs if left on overnight) closed by Rinoa
duplicate: Duplicate of #853
9:15 PM Ticket #1007 (Colloquy crashes upon opening) closed by timothy
fixed: I think this was fixed in [3620].
9:10 PM Changeset [3635] by timothy
Fixes nicknames in messages that are highlighted, mainly noticable in …
8:59 PM Changeset [3634] by timothy
Correct some deprecated method usage.
11:36 AM Ticket #662 (chan don't recognize me like owner or protect) closed by Rinoa
fixed: Fixed in [3579] and [3580].
11:05 AM Ticket #1008 (Nickname disappears on Mouseover) closed by Rinoa
duplicate: I'm going to comment a reminder. This is a WebKit? issue. Duplicate of …
10:59 AM Ticket #1032 (Feature request: make chat windows copy/paste friendly) closed by Rinoa
duplicate: Duplicate of #774
7:56 AM Ticket #1032 (Feature request: make chat windows copy/paste friendly) created by adegeus
Currently, if you copy and paste chats from the Colloquy window to …
7:32 AM Ticket #1031 (Auto command for bitlbee identification doesn't work) created by zagy
For authorizing with a bitlbee server (IRC to IM gateway) you just say …

Mar 23, 2007:

6:32 PM Ticket #1030 (Messages from ignored people in smart transcripts) created by jane
When a message from someone who's been ignored matches the criteria for a …

Mar 20, 2007:

5:17 AM Ticket #1029 (Python plugin support is not threadsafe) closed by timothy
fixed: Landed in [3633]. Thanks for the patch!
5:16 AM Changeset [3633] by timothy
The calls in callScriptFunctionNamed should acquire the python GIL lock. …
1:24 AM Ticket #1029 (Python plugin support is not threadsafe) created by nall
Description: There is currently a bug in python plugin support where the …

Mar 19, 2007:

9:06 AM Changeset [3632] by timothy
Prevent calling _topicChanged: twice on join.
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