Feb 19, 2007:

12:18 AM Ticket #1006 (imporperly parsed URL " character) closed by timothy
12:18 AM Ticket #1006 (imporperly parsed URL " character) reopened by timothy
Fixed in [3583].
12:18 AM Changeset [3583] by timothy
Removes the double-quote as a valid URL character. Fixes #1006

Feb 18, 2007:

10:46 PM Ticket #1006 (imporperly parsed URL " character) closed by timothy
wontfix: This is not possible to fix, since " is a valid character. If there was a …
7:33 PM Ticket #1006 (imporperly parsed URL " character) created by nickburlett
The URL parser seems to include the double-quote character (") as part of …
3:02 PM Changeset [3582] by timothy
Adds ICB (Internet Citizen's Band) protocol support. Implemented by Julio …

Feb 17, 2007:

11:25 AM Ticket #1005 (Let plugins work on raw data to be send to/received from connection) created by hennk
Right now plugins can process incoming and outgoing messages via …

Feb 15, 2007:

12:32 PM Ticket #1004 (Background position ignored) created by seangies
No matter what I set the position of my background image to, it's alwaysin …

Feb 14, 2007:

10:27 PM Ticket #1003 (hostmasks appear to being cached accross signoffs) created by ChiperSoft
I've been having a problem with colloquy retaining hostmasks on users …
6:50 PM Ticket #624 (Incoming DCC transfers do not start) reopened by XenoPhex
I recently started happening this problem as well, and I'm unfirewalled …
5:38 AM Ticket #1002 (Make tab bar visible by default?) created by fjorddragon
After having had trouble with tabs getting detached by accident and not …

Feb 13, 2007:

12:08 PM Ticket #997 (password sent to nickserv after join on connection, not able to join ...) closed by Rinoa
duplicate: Dupe of #396

Feb 12, 2007:

7:54 PM Ticket #1001 (decafbland wraps the nick column under some fonts) created by bogo_lode
decafbland as a style will wrap overly long nicknames. preferable behavior …
7:29 PM Ticket #1000 (topic history) created by jane
I would like to see the topic history. Maybe put a little icon in the …
7:15 PM Ticket #999 (/mode #chan +b incomplete in console) created by raimue
I want to see the raw banlist in the console, but the output gets cut off …
2:11 PM Ticket #998 (Colloquy unusable in VoiceOver) created by nickshanks
Colloquy is pretty much unusable for blind people (and developers who get …

Feb 11, 2007:

7:09 AM Ticket #997 (password sent to nickserv after join on connection, not able to join ...) created by brett
currently, when using the nick/password box for a connection, the message …
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