Nov 9, 2006:

11:44 PM Changeset [3375] by timothy
Fade events also.
11:39 PM Changeset [3374] by timothy
Adding back the fade in message code for Standard. Also added the ability …
9:55 PM Changeset [3373] by timothy
Cleaning up DecafBland?.
9:51 PM Changeset [3372] by timothy
Turning back on the bottom aligned transcript for Bland.
9:31 PM Changeset [3371] by timothy
Adding *.perspective* to the ignore lists.
9:28 PM Ticket #810 (Images in FIat load at full size, they should be scaled like in 2D16) closed by Rinoa
fixed: Fixed in [3370]
9:28 PM Ticket #252 (Image URLs pasted in Fiat style halt room scrolling) closed by Rinoa
fixed: Fixed in [3370]
9:27 PM Changeset [3370] by timothy
Fixes Fiat to resize images to the message width if they are large. The …
8:59 PM Changeset [3369] by rinoa
Renaming supplement.html to genericTemplate.html
8:39 PM Changeset [3368] by timothy
Save the correct version to the Info.plist with out the M.
8:38 PM Ticket #900 (currently PlugIns are loaded twice) closed by timothy
fixed: Fixed in [3367].
8:37 PM Changeset [3367] by timothy
Fixes the double plugin load problem. #900
3:38 PM Ticket #805 (Text comes back even after sweeping it when I change the style) closed by Rinoa
duplicate: Duplicate of #467.

Nov 8, 2006:

10:09 AM FAQs edited by akempgen
info about irssi proxy (diff)

Nov 7, 2006:

12:43 PM Ticket #912 (hop doesn't rejoin channel with passwords) created by Floating_Sakura
A few occasions: 1) When disconnected from network, autojoin doesn't …

Nov 6, 2006:

10:36 PM Ticket #911 (Pause when input box wraps lines) created by aneel
When there is a lot of scrollback, Colloquy pauses for about 10s before …

Nov 5, 2006:

10:21 PM WikiStart edited by anonymous
10:08 PM Ticket #910 (Escape key for update) created by Sean
When I get this dialog: "Update Error! An error occurred in retrieving …

Oct 31, 2006:

12:45 PM FAQs edited by akempgen
12:30 PM FAQs edited by akempgen
tor link (diff)

Oct 19, 2006:

8:13 PM Changeset [3366] by timothy
Added a tooltp to the local time field. Thanks Michael Dippery.

Oct 18, 2006:

10:05 AM Ticket #909 (can not select in transcripts browser search bar) created by l0ad3d
The tanscripts browser search bar is stuck on Chat Room or Buddy. I need …

Oct 17, 2006:

9:38 AM Ticket #904 (Close button (x) hides Colloquy window instead of closing it?) created by mxz
Could include option to change the behaviour of the CLOSE (x) button for …

Oct 14, 2006:

9:27 PM Ticket #903 (Contact folders for grouping large chat rooms) created by david.vanscott@…
I'd love to see Colloquy offer the ability to arrange contacts in a chat …

Oct 11, 2006:

6:13 PM Ticket #902 (cannot hide the drawer) created by david@…
it's now impossible to hide the drawer (v2.1 (3358) )
2:44 PM Documentation/TipsAndTricks/HiddenPreferences edited by anonymous
Removed stray exclamation mark in the "disable growl" section. (diff)

Oct 10, 2006:

6:31 PM Ticket #901 (reverse item order if context menu opens above the cursor) closed by rinoa
wontfix: No one has ever reversed item order. If we did that, it would totally …
6:22 PM Ticket #901 (reverse item order if context menu opens above the cursor) created by akempgen
see the screenshot, when i want to get info on Rinoa there, i have to move …
6:04 PM Ticket #900 (currently PlugIns are loaded twice) created by akempgen
currently (r3365) PlugIns are loaded twice. probably because of [3359]?
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