May 28, 2006:

2:46 PM Ticket #653 (crashes when connecting to an irc proxy in [AsyncSocket addressPort:]) created by Hermit
I am using a Macbook Pro 1.83Gz intel mac with OSX 10.4.6 and all current …

May 27, 2006:

7:57 AM Ticket #652 (the away message set via applescript contains strange things) created by Mickey
When I do via applescript tell application "Colloquy" tell connection 1 …

May 26, 2006:

1:05 AM Changeset [3235] by timothy
Initial implementation of SQL transcript support. No usable yet.

May 25, 2006:

6:39 PM Ticket #651 (Build failure) closed by timothy
fixed: Fixed in [3234].
6:38 PM Changeset [3234] by timothy
Build fix.
4:07 PM Ticket #651 (Build failure) created by SineOtter <sineotter@…>
Build fails as it can't find /Colloquy/Plug?-Ins/Standard? Commands/Standard?
12:21 PM Ticket #650 (Colloquy window's shadow does not appear) created by noldotar
When I select the Colloquy window the window's right shadow disappear. …
9:26 AM Ticket #649 (Support Windows Arabic Encoding) created by turki@…
This is the best IRC client on the mac and the windows in my personal …

May 24, 2006:

8:32 PM Changeset [3233] by timothy
More project cleanup.
8:01 PM Changeset [3232] by timothy
Enable DWARF for Xcode 2.3 users.
3:45 PM Ticket #648 (Ability to select which chatrooms can bounce the dock icon) created by sertman@…
I'm in a lot of chatrooms: some very active and some not-so-active. I want …

May 23, 2006:

10:36 AM Ticket #642 (Prefix not supported: -@nick for "SOP" (a higher op level)) closed by akempgen
invalid: not part of the irc spec says xenon
10:12 AM Ticket #646 (URIs containing underscore (_) is not clickable) closed by akempgen
invalid: underscores in domain names are not valid, thats why they are not …
2:13 AM Ticket #647 (unable to see topic) created by anonymous
i'm using version 2.1 (2D41) joining some rooms i'm unable to see the …
1:13 AM Ticket #646 (URIs containing underscore (_) is not clickable) created by hugin
Posted URIs containing an underscore is not made clickable.

May 21, 2006:

3:34 PM Changeset [3231] by timothy
Some defaults to help performance.
2:21 PM Ticket #645 (Default user name should not be set to real/local name) created by anonymous
I'm not aware of anyone who uses their real name for IRC... when I loaded …
5:22 AM Ticket #644 ([PATCH] Very lazy tab completion) created by colloquy@…
Here's a patch to enable tab completion for the very lazy. Pressing TAB …

May 19, 2006:

5:49 PM Ticket #643 (nothing happens at launch or Clqy) created by david@…
I downloaded colloquy-universal.zip through versiontracker.com. Unzipped …

May 18, 2006:

7:43 AM TicketCategories edited by akempgen
adding a user list / user modes category (diff)
7:41 AM Ticket #642 (Prefix not supported: -@nick for "SOP" (a higher op level)) created by akempgen
Prefix not supported: -@nick for "SOP" (a higher op level). Thorne …
6:48 AM Ticket #641 (toolbar visible state does not stay shut when using combined chan / msg ...) created by anonymous
In the current nightly as of 18 may 2006 GMT to replicate: open a …
6:40 AM Ticket #300 (pushed shut drawer re-opens when you change rooms) reopened by anonymous
This is still broken in 2d40 latest nightly as of 18 may 2005 GMT.
6:04 AM Alexander Kempgen edited by akempgen
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