Feb 14, 2006:

2:45 PM Ticket #497 (unexpected quit) created by goinup@…
Date/Time?: 2006-02-14 16:39:48.604 -0500 OS Version: 10.4.4 …
7:29 AM Ticket #496 (Trivia game / quiz bot plugin) created by nightstalker
One of the "killer apps" for an IRC client seems to be a trivia / quiz …
6:50 AM Ticket #495 (Trac: add a way to request Plugins) created by nightstalker
A way to request missing plugins would be nice. Maybe Type = …

Feb 12, 2006:

5:33 PM Changeset [3138] by timothy
Forgot to call _setBansSynced:.
5:23 PM Changeset [3137] by timothy
The ban list is requested when you join. New bans are now correctly …
4:40 PM Changeset [3136] by timothy
Send a USER message that is compliant with RFC 2812. This addresses any …
3:47 PM Ticket #494 (When switching away from a newly opened tab, the webview won't update) created by akempgen
when immediately switching away from a newly opened tab to another tab by …
2:58 PM Ticket #437 (Scroll bar out of sync) closed by nightstalker
fixed: This is probably fixed by [3122], at least it hasn't happened for me since …
9:32 AM Ticket #493 (Sounds when in the foreground) created by Dan <theyranos A@…>
Could you add an option to turn on audio notifications for channels that …

Feb 11, 2006:

4:46 PM Changeset [3135] by timothy
Removed the need for Configure.command on the branch.
4:15 PM Changeset [3134] by timothy
* Cleanup. * Added the finalize method to classes that will need it when …
4:09 PM Changeset [3133] by timothy
2:28 AM Changeset [3132] by timothy
Cleanup some items on disconnect.
2:05 AM Changeset [3131] by timothy
More cleanup.
2:00 AM Changeset [3130] by timothy
Remove Irssi specific build options.
1:53 AM Changeset [3129] by timothy
Remove Irssi from the project.
1:47 AM Changeset [3128] by timothy
Better hashs for the Chat Core objects.

Feb 10, 2006:

1:34 PM Ticket #492 (Problem connecting to BNC) created by ZarZ
I currently use a BNC that requires an email but i can not find a place to …
10:53 AM Ticket #489 (Username added to topic) closed by timothy
invalid: This is normal. ChanServ? will use your nick as the kick reason if you do …
1:36 AM Changeset [3127] by timothy
More header search path changes.
1:30 AM Changeset [3126] by timothy
Duh, no need for ehader search paths for these targets.
1:08 AM Changeset [3125] by timothy
Build setting cleanup. Removes recursive search paths.
12:42 AM Changeset [3124] by timothy
Start of 2D35
12:40 AM Changeset [3123] by timothy
Use normalize(), this is the correct way to merge text nodes.
12:39 AM Changeset [3122] by timothy
Fixes the scrollbar issue.
12:08 AM Changeset [3121] by timothy
Modes support.

Feb 9, 2006:

7:26 PM Changeset [3120] by timothy
Build fix.

Feb 8, 2006:

9:34 PM Ticket #490 (Show the full message in Growl) created by gelfie
I notice that when using growl, Notices show the actual text of the …
3:58 PM TicketCategories edited by nightstalker
10:48 AM TicketCategories edited by nightstalker
10:44 AM Alexander Kempgen edited by nightstalker

Feb 7, 2006:

6:45 PM Ticket #489 (Username added to topic) created by anonymous
When I use /cs kick to kick someone, or change the topic, it adds my …
12:50 AM Changeset [3119] by timothy
More fixes to how connections are setup and makes sure they are added to …

Feb 6, 2006:

10:45 PM Changeset [3118] by timothy
Don't reuse the same AsyncSocket?. This lets us reliably reconnect.
11:30 AM Ticket #488 (Away status support for user list) created by amonre@…
The Colloquy user list needs a way of setting users marked as 'away' …

Feb 5, 2006:

9:16 PM Changeset [3117] by timothy
Initial proxy support.
11:36 AM Ticket #487 (Allow "Chat Room Activity" alert to be configured per channel) created by joe@…
Currently you can only have the Chat Room Activity alert set for all …
10:47 AM Ticket #486 (Problems configuring my router to send and receive files) created by rlapalme@…
Hi, Can anyone tell my how to configure a D-Link DI-604 router so I can …
9:42 AM FAQs edited by nightstalker
added: how to activate plugins (diff)

Feb 4, 2006:

10:45 AM Ticket #485 (Colloquy not updating information after manual server communication ...) created by nessup@…
First bug report! Anywho, I found that Colloquy (RC2, running Panther …
12:21 AM Changeset [3116] by timothy
* Implements kick. * Removes old Irssi callback code.
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