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Jun 25, 2007 9:19:17 PM (12 years ago)

The server users DreamIRCd-3.1.4-Phoenix, which does have double prefixes. These double prefixes are a complete deviation from the IRC spec. There is no way for Colloquy to support these non-standard IRC servers while correctly supporting standard IRC servers.


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    initial v6  
    11There are 3 problems with build 3338 and many builds before: 
    22On irc networks with special op chars ( -@nick , and *@nick) are 2 errors:  
    34No.1 Nick completor doesnt work if the nicks have this chars in front of the @.  
    45No. 2 If people with -@ quit on this kind of networks, the nick stays still in the nicklist, the chatter returns and his nick is 2x in the nicklist 
    5 No. 3 If ppl dcc send a file to ircops on a network, or the ircop sends them a file, the ircop gets endless flooded with "whois requests" in his status window of mIRC (all Versions), the only way to stop it is to quit/leave the server and reconnect. 
    67A solution to solve problem 1 and 2 could be to add other colors (green and orange for example) for Channel OPs and Owners with the -@ and *@ for the icon in front of the nicks.