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nicklist icons missing, no channel info, no styles change

Reported by: SphinX Owned by: timothy
Component: Colloquy (Mac) Version: 2.2 (Mac)
Severity: Normal Keywords: missing nicklist icons


What: - in the drawer (window in tabbed view), the nicklist-icons (red guy for op, blue guy for mod, ...) disappeared; nicknames still present.

  • pressing the information-button to receive channel info, brings up a small, empty window, title "no info".
  • style change not any more possible; "Style"-button in top bar has gone empty; as has the "emoticons"-button.
  • some of the tabs in preferences did not load any nore (notices, for instance).

When: I was chatting in a pm (no drawer present, which is normal), then returned to the channels in the same window but other tab, and noticed that the icons in the nicklist were missing; detected the other failures (which appear to have happened simultaneously) slightly afterwards. This does NOT always happen when returning from a pm to the channels... just happend once. The program didn't "freeze" afterwards as in "i couldn't do anything anymore, just apple-alt-esc" but new messages did not appear any more, while knowing that there were already some new ones. Quitting (in the normal apple-q fashion) and restarting the app "fixed" it.
If the website permits me, I'll upload a screenshot after submitting.

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