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Quit menu has [...] even when not connected. (Does Quit really need a ...?)

Reported by: petermcm Owned by: timothy
Component: Colloquy (Mac) Version: 2.2 (Mac)
Severity: Minor Keywords: quit menu item ellipsis


The quit menu having the ... to indicate that it will prompt is still there even when you are not connected to anything - in which case it won't prompt. Should just be "Quit Colloquy" when you are not connected. (Possibly related to #261 in that it is to do with the prompt.)

(Also a little odd that it has the ... in the first place. While it does certainly follow HIG for a menu item that prompts, I can't think of any other application that prompts that also has it on quit. It looks (I think) a little out of place. As I'm used to looking for a Quit without it, it is unexpected. On the other hand, it does provide a clue that option or shift or something might produce some other option. Ideally I'd like to see a plain "Quit Colloquy" and a "Quit Colloquy Now" or something on opt. Thought I do understand the reasoning behind having a ... if it was up to me I'd lose it.)

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comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by akempgen

interesting, the AHIG says about Using the Ellipsis Character:

Don't use an ellipsis in the name of a button or menu item when the associated action:

Occasionally displays an alert that warns the user of a potentially dangerous outcome.
If you use an ellipsis in the name of a button or menu item that only sometimes displays an alert, you cause the user to expect something that will not always happen. This makes your application's user interface inconsistent and confusing. Therefore, even though Quit and Close display an alert if the execution of the action might result in the loss of data (such as when there are unsaved changes in a document), they do not display an alert when no data loss is possible. For this reason, commands such as Quit and Close should not include an ellipsis.

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