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Motion of iphone or ipad when trying to nickcomplete, cancels nickcomplete

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Component: Colloquy (iOS) Version: 1.5 (iOS)
Severity: Normal Keywords: nickcomplete, motion, cancelled


I have noticed the following issue when using Colloquy 1.5.4 on both iPhone and iPad.

When I type, I usually hold my device with two hands, and type with thumbs. When I start to type someone's nickname, I will often want to tap the auto nickcomplete option that pops up. However, when I move one of my hands off the side of the device so that I can tap the suggested autocompleted nickname, there is a chance the motion of the ipad shifting weight will cause the nickcomplete to cancel.

This seems to be happening on both iPad and iPhone - more noticeably on iPad probably because of the higher weight and the more likely it is to shift a little when handled differently. It is not a large motion that triggers the cancellation of nickcomplete, certainly nowhere near enough to trigger the Undo Typing prompt, but sometimes can be very mild.

I could not seem to find any option in Settings that might deal with this, so wanted to raise it as a bug in case it is infact unintended behaviour.

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