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Highlight unread sections of chat when switching to chatroom with unread messages

Reported by: Mark Owned by: timothy
Component: Colloquy (Mac) Version: 2.0 (Mac)
Severity: Normal Keywords: automate mark scrollback unread


The problem I often have is switching back to a very busy chatroom, and trying to find the last message I read. This could be two lines up, or two pages up. Not only that, but I have to remember what the message was for each chatroom.

I would like Colloquy to demarcate (via a different background color, or a prominent separator line) the unread lines of chat in a chatroom.

In other words, imagine a chatroom with 3 messages (1, 2, 3). A user switches to a different chatroom, and meanwhile people post to the original chatroom, messages 4 and 5. The chatroom unread indicator lights up, so the user switches back to the original chatroom. He sees an orange separator line after message 3, but before messages 4 and 5. The separator stays until the user sends a message in that chatroom, or switches to a different chatroom and back again.

The separator would also appear if Colloquy is not in the foreground. The separator position is only reset if A) The user enters text into the chatroom, or B) the user "leaves", by switching to a different chatroom or switching to a different app. (This is to ensure the separator position doesn't change if additional messages are received while the user is still searching for the separator.)

A simple 5-pixel div or hr in a different color would be noticeable enough so as to be easy to find at a glance, but not distracting or annoying enough to make the user want to cause physical harm to the program or its developers. :)

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Not something we plan on implementing.

comment:3 Changed 13 years ago by dannybloe

Please please reconsider. With all that is there right now in Coll. this is almost a trivial thing to implement and greatly enhances the user experience. It's so hard to figure out where you left the chat and from where on you have to read back. Such a divider line would make this problem go away in breeze.

Additional note: this divider line should also be shown if you are in another room. So not only when colloquy loses the focus.

So please reopen this issue.

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