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Colloquy freezes when it receives too much data

Reported by: gboudreau Owned by: timothy
Component: Colloquy (Mac) Version: 2.1 (Mac)
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Say I was offline for a couple of days, then I connect to my BNC and ask it to show me all those last days of logged messages.

Colloquy would hang for quite a while before coming back (I did a sample of this).

After that, I have weird problems...

  • One of the channel I was in was changed to light grey and "joining..." is written under it (this happened while Colloquy was busy processing all the received messages I'd say).
  • I got tired of waiting for it to complete 'joining' so I closed that channel.
  • I tried to /j it again. It did nothing for a couple of seconds, and then Colloquy showed a beach-ball, now uses 100% CPU, and is unusable. I had the console opened, and was able to see 1 message send to this channel before the beach-ball appeared, but it never appeared in the actual channel window. That channel still shows as "joining..."

I made another sample of this.

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comment:1 Changed 13 years ago by jane

  • priority changed from normal to high
  • Version changed from 2.0 (2D16) to Latest 2.1

not just with a bnc, but this is pretty much the same thing that happens when e.g. colloquy has to deal with high traffic channels during a netsplit, when hundreds of people would join and part in a matter of seconds.

Semi-related to #294 perhaps for netsplits, not for using a bnc though.

comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by trak3r

same thing that happens when e.g. colloquy has to deal with high traffic channels

I just discovered this myself. One of my applications logs to an IRC channel and it logs a LOT. When I connect to the channel with Colloquy as soon as the first message scrolls to the top of the window I get the beach ball and the CPU pegs. I have to force quit it then.

I'm rather discouraged that this ticket was "Opened 2 years ago" -- is there no progress on this? :-( It would be a shame for the only decent OS X IRC client to be unusable to me.

comment:3 Changed 12 years ago by ob

I'm using Version 2.1 (3761) and I see the same problem when connecting to a dircproxy that has a history of 1024 messages. Colloquy seems to hang for a while, but then comes back. I used Shark to see where it's hanging and it is spending most of the time here

49.4% 49.4% Colloquy -[JVStyleView(JVStyleViewPrivate) _appendMessage:]

As a data point, X-Chat Aqua handles the same connection without any noticeable delay.

I can help track this down, but I am completely unfamiliar with the colloquy source base, so I could use the help of
a Colloquy developer.


comment:4 Changed 5 years ago by anonymous

I'm having the same Beach Ball problem with the DATA message/s overload. As soon as I join a full room, the Colloquy client Freezes making it unstable to use. Please bless us with a fix for this issue. I know we are not the only ones experiencing this. Thanks.

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