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Per-connection scripts

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Component: Colloquy (Mac) Version: 2.3 (Mac)
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Hello Colloquy,

I'm using your client to create a chat room for webcomic artists on Normally, I'm accustomed to IRC and can use it easily. . .on a PC. Now, I'm sure you've deduced, I've been using a Mac for nearly 10 years, and I'm having a spot of trouble with bot scripts.

Generally, a bot is just a username on another connection to the same server, also running off your system. People enter commands and it responds; You know all this already, I'm sure.
My problem is this; I don't wish to have just a bot, but another username, and connection, to the same server and room so I can talk and interact with folks. It's going to be confusing, I think, for first-time IRC users to use my own username as both a bot and person--and would be simpler for them--and me--for them to be separate things. The problem that comes in is, even on my non-bot username, it still responds to the bot commands, like the bot does. When I use 8Ball and ask a question, I answer myself, and so does the bot.

So what I need is this; A way to turn the scripts--all of them--off one username, but not on another. I can't--like with mIRC--open up a whole new copy of the program to run the bot, because I don't need to do so to connect; So it seems strange, for me, that I can't tell Colloquy "No, don't ever run plugins on this username", but also "Yes, only run them on or from this username".

Is there a way to do this? A feature I'm missing? Some of the scripts let me turn them off--or give me the option--but don't actually do so when I click it. Am I missing something? I will admit, I've always been used to using mIRC, and it's possible this option is staring me in the face and I'm overlooking it: Can you help?

Also, as a suggestion: Perhaps it's worth adding the username of the connection your on to the top of the window (As in X on #Comics), because I keep getting confused as to which username I'm on when I'm connecting like this. Again, I might be missing this; Is this also an option?

Additionally, I tried an outside bot using IRBOT, which only allows someone to create up to 8 commands--which isn't real fun for playing games on. I'd really like to run the bot via the same program I use to chat with.

Thank you for your time and I'm sorry if I've asked for help on something you've already answered, but I couldn't find my question in the FAQ,

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