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No Push Notifications?

Reported by: grelca Owned by: kiji.roshi
Component: Colloquy (iOS) Version: 1.3 (iOS)
Severity: Normal Keywords: push, znc, mobile


So at first I thought I was just only getting push notifications when I was actively logged into ZNC on my phone, but I'm pretty sure what I was getting were actually just the local notifications because when I turned off the "multitasking alerts" to see, I stopped getting anything at all.

I've set up everything just as it says to here, but I haven't gotten a single push notification no matter what I try.

I have awayonlypush set to 0 and attachedpush set to 1 (ideally i would change those but I am trying to get anything at the moment), which would seem as though it should send a notification on a highlight/pm no matter what my connections are, right? Though I've also been disconnected and away and still no dice when sending a pm from a different IRC connection.

The only thing I haven't done is from the troubleshooting tips:
You may have to open up port 7906 outgoing (TCP) is open on your server for push notifications to work properly.

because all my googling has only returned results about using iptables and my server doesn't have iptables installed so I have no idea how to check that.

Debian 6.0.2
ZNC 0.204 (latest as of this posting)
Latest Colloquy Push Module (last commit on github Feb 21, 2011)
Colloquy Mobile 1.3.4

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