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Misleading bouncer error message when password is wrong

Reported by: nougatmachine Owned by: zach
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If a user inputs an incorrect password into the bouncer authentication settings in the Colloquy mobile client, s/he gets the following text error message upon trying to connect to it:

"Can't Connect to Bouncer

Can't connect to the server 'foo' via 'bar.' Would you like to connect directly?"

This is a problem because the text is the same whether or not there actually is a connection problem. The error message specifically says that Colloquy mobile can't connect to the bouncer 'bar.' But when I was setting my bouncer up earlier today, I had all connection settings set properly, and in fact, other iPhone apps that require direct access to the same machine via the internet were working just fine. It was only when I realized the other apps were working that it was the error message itself that was wrong.

So I double-checked everything, and realized that the problem was simply that I had entered the wrong password in mobile Colloquy. With the correct password, everything worked fine right away.

The iPhone app really ought to recognize the difference between not being able to connect to the host machine, and being denied access due to an incorrect password. It's a pretty serious usability issue that can lead users to waste valuable time troubleshooting things that are, in fact, working.

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