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Crash when I close a chanel (tab or sidebar)

Reported by: Jeena Paradies <spam@…> Owned by: timothy
Component: Colloquy (Mac) Version: 2.3 (Mac)
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Since some years ago I had this crash when I closed a room (tab or sidebar). It was random, sometimes it crashed, sometimes not. I now had a look into the code and with help of the NSZombies I found out that a already dealloced JVChatRoomPanel is being dealloced again. I searched for [JVChatRoomPanel alloc] and found it in JVChatController.m line 262:

if( ( ret = [[[JVChatRoomPanel alloc] initWithTarget:room] autorelease] ) ) {
	[_chatControllers addObject:ret];
	[self addViewControllerToPreferedWindowController:ret userInitiated:YES];

So I just removed the autorelease. Now there is the possibility that this introduced a leak but It is much better then before when it just crashed every time. Hope it helps to find and fix this old bug.

Btw. I this this happens only when there is a plugin in ~/Library/Application? Support/Colloquy/Plugins/? it seem not to matter which plugin.

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This had to do with the settings file being bad.

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