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Nick Tab-Completion Should Prefer Most-Recent-Speaker over Alphabetical Ordering

Reported by: Lake <lakesolon@…> Owned by: timothy
Component: Colloquy (Mac) Version: 2.3 (Mac)
Severity: Normal Keywords: nick tab-completion


When a nickname tab-completion is ambiguous, the user is more likely to be referring to the channel member that has spoken more recently not the user with the alphabetically first nickname.

Example: Currently if "Jimmy" says something and the user types j<tab><tab> to reply currently it will default to tab-complete "James" (if there's a james in the channel).

If most-recent-speaker ordering is used a user can see by the recent chat log the nickname that will be used for a given tab-completion, without having to be familiar with the entire channel member list. This allows the user to confidently <tab><tab> to complete the desired nickname, without having to slow down to interact with the tab-completion interface.

The enhancement improves usability in the most common case.

The primary concern is likely that the change could be unintuitive. Several points to address this concern:

1) While it may not be immediately obvious how the client is sorting tab-completion, it will most likely be doing what the user prefers without them noticing the subtle ordering difference.

2) Tab-completion of nicknames is a relatively subtle feature itself. Users of the feature may be more likely understand the subtle ordering differences.

3) This is normal behavior for many IRC clients, and doesn't seem to cause usability issues in practice.

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