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Oddity with compatability with mIRC protocols.

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I know this might not be the best place to put this down, as I am not a Colloquy user.

I also posted this in the mIRC forums, but they kind of pointed the blame here and said to report it here instead, which is just plain infuriating, when you think about it.

mIRC 7 is their new client version they're testing, in which they've added italics, and it has shown an oddity with Colloquy 2.3.

When I use italics in mIRC 7, Colloquy sees italics. When I use invert (swaps background and foreground color) in mIRC, Colloquy sees italics.

When Colloquy uses italics, I see the invert. Invert in mIRC is ctrl+r (it just swaps the background/foreground colors) and italics is ctrl+i.

I don't know which one is to blame, but someone said since mIRC's had invert for the longest time, it might be Colloquy handling it wrong since it should be displaying it as inverted colors, not italics.

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can you provide the link where this was discussed on mirc forums?

also, italics is not a new thing in the world of irc, and mirc should probably comply to what other clients have been doing for quite a while…

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