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Colloquy autojoins a room before nick identification is complete

Reported by: bugs@… Owned by: timothy
Component: Colloquy (Mac) Version: 2.3 (Mac)
Severity: Normal Keywords: identification join


Running Mac OS X 10.6.3, Colloquy 2.3. Please request other information as needed.

Colloquy will autojoin a room before my nickname is authenticated to the irc server. I'm seeing this behavior authenticating to; I have not tried this with different servers (I don't believe it matters, though). I autojoin one room upon successful connection to freenode, and recently I've registered my nick to freenode. On initial connection, Colloquy gives me the nick authorization request to fill out, but then pops up the room that I want to autojoin, transferring focus to it. Colloquy should instead wait for successful identification before autojoining rooms.


  1. Have an unregistered nick
  2. Set a room to autojoin upon connection
  3. Register your nick (I registered it through a different chat client, irssi)
  4. Restart Colloquy, connect with now registered nick

Colloquy should wait to join a room until I authenticate my nickname, then autojoin my rooms once the identification process is complete.

Colloquy pops up the Nickname authorization request box, I click in the Password field to enter my password, then Colloquy autojoins a room and focus is transferred to the room (which I've just typed my password into and pressed enter, making my password public to the room and on record for any bots recording). This would not be *nearly* as bad if focus remained in the Nickname authorization request box.

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I suspect that this is actually not really related to auto-join; the nickname authorization dialog simply needs to be set so that it's always on top of the channel windows.

comment:2 Changed 8 years ago by MrJones

This bug has actually two sides:

1. Some networks like Freenode have channels that require authentication for joining. Therefore if Colloquy joins before I entered my NickServ? password, this is a usability problem and forces me to manually rejoin the affected channels (which is annoying)

2. Due to the autojoin, focus is transferred to the channel window. If that happens during typing the password and you press enter to confirm, you actually send a part of it to the channel. This is a very problematic security issue and has actually happened to me once!

Both things can be fixed by delaying autojoin until identification is complete. Just keepign focus on the password box would just resolve the second issue (it would be a start though).

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