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quakenet N broadcast notice not shown in ui, probably because of "$*" mask

Reported by: akempgen Owned by: timothy
Component: Chat Core (IRC) Version: 2.3 (Mac)
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this mask is clearly against rfc (, but we should display it anyways:

:N! NOTICE $* :(Broadcast) Sorry, I'm an idiot apparently! The channel flag is +h, if you want to still make Q announce achievements in your channels please use '/msg Q chanflags #channel +h'

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Colloquy doesn't show notices in the channel context in general, but there is a way to show notices in a private chat window; go to Preferences->Interface, and choose All from the popup labelled "Show Notices as Private Chat" at the bottom.

I'm not entirely sure whether it would catch that particular message, but I suspect it would. That example may be strictly speaking against the RFC, but only because there's no .com or anything after the *; the $ syntax is part of the RFC.

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