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Colloquy brings itself to the foreground at launch when connecting. (Improper UI behavior)

Reported by: Mistere Owned by: timothy
Component: Colloquy (Mac) Version: 2.3 (Mac)
Severity: Normal Keywords: UI behavior


My first ticket here so pardon me if I don't do everything right please.

I have Colloquy setup to auto-connect to about 4 networks on launch and for each of those networks I have it set to auto-join a channel or two. When I launch Colloquy I immediately hide it as the connection process takes a while and I don't really need to see the app until it's finished connecting and joining channels.

Anyways, what happens is Colloquy brings itself to the front every time it connects to a network and joins the channels set to auto-join on that network. This means, in my case, that it comes to the front about 5 or so times if I'm vigilant about hiding it quickly each time, which I usually do. This makes for a lot of unnecessary keystrokes and it's annoying behavior.

I'd request a change where Colloquy never brings itself to the front on it's own or without me ticking a setting that allows it to behave that way. From what I understand about UI guidelines this is a no no.

Hope I don't sound like a whiner, I love this app and the people that put their time into developing it, for free no less. I only hope to make it better.

I'm using Version 2.3 (4772) with Mac OS 10.6.2.

Thanks in advance!

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