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Push Notifications without Bouncer

Reported by: anonymous Owned by: kiji.roshi
Component: Colloquy (iOS) Version: 1.1 (iOS)
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Push notifications should be able to work without a bouncer service. I do not have the means to have a dedicated server running a bouncer server at home or to pay for a third party bouncer service. Other iPhone applications like Beejive, IM+, etc. can push without requiring the user to run their own proxy server.

Push notifications were created to allow for developers to put a provider application on Apple's servers to send push messages and a client application on the iPhone that can receive them. With the way Colloquy uses push now, it is only utilizing push on the client side and forcing users to utilize their own push provider.

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Unless we were to host a bouncer for everyone that used push, we can't do this. And hosting a bouncer for everyone isn't likely to happen.

If we were to host a bouncer, we would have to have a large number of IP's to handle connections to all servers without hitting the server limit. Or we would have to go and talk to ircops and netadmins on every network to make a deal for Colloquy. Both of these things are expensive to do, one in terms of money and time (server bills, server maintenance, etc) and the other just in terms of time. By having people host their own bouncer, it removes potential security questions, gives people more control and flexibility over the setup that they push from, and helps us save money and time.

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by jane

might it also be noted a lot of apps with push are hosting the services on their own end, i.e. a setup where they have the luxury of running the servers in a server-client setup and so it's trivial to keep on running the same servers and have them push-enabled. we don't have the luxury of running the thousands of irc servers behind all the world's irc networks. the best we can offer is the means to run a middleman client between the client (mobile colloquy and other irc clients) and the irc networks. we may look into offering subscription-based bouncer hosting in the future, but that requires we charge for creating and maintaining such a service, and you've mentioned you don't have the means to do that either.

apple only gives us a way to send notifications to your phone. we still have to host the actual push service on our servers, even though we ask that you run the push-enabled bouncer some way on your own. this push service we still need to run is nothing compared to the technical, scaling, financial, and privacy nightmare that is hosting *thousands* of other users with all their channels and PMs and more. please understand it's just not possible for us to do what you want, as much as we wish it were possible.

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